Gereja Blendhuk (Blendhuk Church), Semarang Central Java, Indonesia

This church was built in 1753 and one of Semarang city land mark. Different from other churches, this church built in Neo Classic style and very eye catching located nearby Jalan Suari that was known as Kerk Straat in the colonial period.

This church which is not becoming one witn the single facade vertically devided into three parts. Facing south, the floor is as high as the street level in front of it. The foundation used is made of rock and the structure is made of red brick. The wall is made of thick red brick, as thick as the rock. The dome roof covered with metal layer and strengthen with teak structure. Under the dome, there is a holes which shine the inside.

The Eastern, Southern and Western part of the building there are portico with Rome style. It has two minarets with dome roof  on the left and right side


This church has been restored several times. In 1973, the building was in Javanese stye and in 1787 it was renovated completely. In 1894, this was renovated by H.P.A de Wilde and Westmaes to its current style.