House of HOS Cokroaminoto, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Usually this green painted house is always closed and only opened when it is cleaned or if there are visitors. Visitors usually are interested in history, story about people who ever lived in this house. The owner of this house was HOS (Haji Oemar Said) Cokroaminoto, Indonesian hero, and the founder of Sarekat Islam. The house size is approximately 9 m x 13meters, he lived with his wife RA Suharsikin, located at Jalan Peneleh VII/29-31, Surabaya.

HOS Cokroaminoto was born in Bakur village, Madiun, East Java on August 16th 1883. He moved with his wife to Surabaya on 1905. He worked in a trading company and also continued his study as Hoogere Burgelijks School (HBS). This house was initially owned by Chinese. As the proprietor traveled a lot to trade, the house then purchased by an Arabian. But the new proprietor was busy as well that the house was abandoned. And the house was sold again. But this time, the buyer was the second son of Mas Cokroamiseno, HOS Cokroaminoto. The small house was used to live and also as kost for Indonesian students in HBS.

The house was also used as small moslem boarding school and to share political idea to be free from Dutch colonial. HOS Cokroaminoto was preparing for estaphet to younger generation to struggle against Dutch colonial. Indonesian figures stayed in this house were Sukarno,Sekarmaji Marijan Kartosuwiryo, TanMalaka, Semaun, Muso Alimin. HOS Cokroaminoto even arranged marriege his daughter Siti Utari Cokroaminoto with his favourite student, Sukarno in 1921, but the marriage ended in 1923. Different background of ideologies and self-interpretation caused conflict among Cokroaminoto’s students around teachings. Soekarno became Nationalist, Kartosoewiryo became Islam Conservative, Semaun-Darsono became Socialist and MUso-Alimin became Communist. The house became dumb witness on bid event in long history record of Indonesian people struggle motorized by Cokroaminoto, Sarikat Islam. Sarekat Dagang Islam had metamorphosis-ed to Partai Sarekat Islam Indonesia in 1912. The house is preserved by Surabaya govt.