Tourist Attractions in Bawean

Lake Kastoba is located in Tambak district, in Pulau Bawean and still pristine. This lake is not that easily accessed but the lake is very impressive. It takes good stamina to visit Lake Kastoba, the narrow part is narrow, steep and rocky, and can be slippery on rainy season.Visitors should walk for 1.5 km to reach lake Kastoba. The sound of heavy stream can be heard enroute, but the stream itself is invisible. This was because the road to the lake is surrounded by lush forest.
Local people believe that bathing with the lake water will make them forever young and the water is ready to drink as it is very fresh and unpolluted. Few grouses swim on the lake, ans they will fly noticing visitors coming. If you are lucky, there will be Baweanese deer or Axis kuhlii drink lake water.
According to a research, the depth of this lake was 40 meters. Although the access is not easy, visitors frequently visit this lake. Visitors could not enjoy the lake from south east edge as still surrounded by lush trees. It is simply pristine lake.
Researcher estimated that Lake Kastoba was a former ancient volcanic crater. Locals said that the water of the lake changes to red, green and oily. Kastoba derived from kastuba tree (Euphorbia pulcherrima) that i the past overgrew there.
Generally, Kastoba is a very promising attraction, moreover for tourist attraction. This lake is visited by visitors on holiday, other than that period this lake is almost empty and the part is closed by lush grass.
To reach Lake Kastoba can be done by motorbike or coach from Sangkapura port. As the public transport in this island is very limited. Along the way to the lake visitors can enjoy nice scenery of local houses with unique wooden roof to store paddy. Total trip from Sangkapura to Candi Village, Peroman , the closest village to Lake Kastoba, is two hours and the followed by on foot trip.
Kebundaya Hot Spring is a hotcspring contains sulfur that is good for health. The hot spring is developed by locals as public bath. People from various places come here to get the virtue of the hot spring that could heal rheumatic and skin disease.

This hot spring is located nearby Sungai Rujing village, not far from Selayar Island. From road it is only 2 km, and the access is adequate.

This island is 6000 m2,a nd surrounded by underwater garden, coral reef and colorful fishes. Noko is so beautiful, according to divers. To reach Pulau Noko, visitors should ride by boat for 20 minutes from Bawean Island.


This waterfall is the source of water for Sangkapura people, located in Patar Selamat village, Kecamatan Sangkapura, Kabupaten Gresik, Jawa Timur.To reach the waterfall, visitors should walk for 1 km descending a hill. Or if you go by motorbike, it is only 40 minutes from Patar Selamat village.


This islet is a mountain in the middle of ocean and separated to Bawean Island. When low tide comes, visitors can walk round the islet that is full of rock and bush, and this can be reached by boat of walk for 4.5 km on low tide.


Pulau Gili termasuk bagian dari kawasan Pulau Bawean, yang letaknya terpisah antar lautan. Pulau berpenduduk sekitar 1.500 jiwa termasuk wilayah desa Sidogedungbatu, kecamatan Sangkapura, Pulau Bawean, Gresik.


This islet is one of small island located nearby Bawean Island. This island can be reached by boat that is offered by local people. Like other island, this island offers nice nature with beach and flora and fauna.

This grave is located in Tanjung Anyar village.Locals call this long grave as Tinggen. The length is 12 meters. Locals believe that this was where Aji Saka’s weapon burried with Doro’s blood. Ajisaka was in Java to propagate Hindu, he came from Asoka kingdom in India. He was accompanied by his men, Doro and Sembodo.
Before entering Java island, Aji Saka with his men arrived in Bawean Island. One of his men, Doro stayed in Bawean with Aji Saka’s weapon, while Ajisaka and Sembodo proceeded to Java. Aji Saka instructed Doro that the weapon should not be handed down to anyone except by Aji Saka himself.
After Java Island we dpminated by Hindu, Aji Saka remembered that Doro was in Bawean, and he ordered Sembodo to pick Doro and took his weapon. Aji Saka forgot that he ever instructed that Doro should not hand the weapon to anyone except to Aji Soko.
After Sembodo arrived in Bawean, there was misunderstanding between Sembodo and Doro. Doro did not want to give Aji Saka weapon to Sembodo, except by Aji Saka. They both died after fighting. Doro grave is located at Tinggen, known as Makam Panjang Doro while Sembodo grave is located at public cemetery located in Tinggen as well.
In 1950s found an inscription made by Aji Soko to commemorate Doro and Sembodo who died in Bawean. The inscription was written on a big rock in Javanese letter and stamped with left foot of Aji Saka. The inscription was located at Tinggen only it was broken and the stobe was used as Muara village bridge.

Tanjung Gaang is very stunning, to reach this site, visitor will pass Tanjung Kima, a frog-like rock. The landscape is very beautiful, clear sea water and amazing rocks. There are two wells in rock. This cape is located in Kumalasa village, 8 km from Sangkapura.

Bawean deer sanctuary is located at Beto Gebang, Pudakit Barat, Sangkapura, Bawean Island. This sanctuary is owned by individual, Mr Sudirman. Visitors to this place usually think that it has nice panorama as well. Beside developong Bawean deer population, there is salak plantation good for agro tourism.
Bawean deer or Axis kuhlii only exist in this island. This dear is only 60-70 cm high and 105-115 body length, and weight is round 50 kg. This deer has tusks on lower jaw. The color of the fur in brown except on its neck and around its mouth has lighter color than its face and separated by dark line. Front shoulder is lower than rear side. Young deer has spots that disappear after short period of time.

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