Pasar Semawis, Chinese New Year Event, Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

Pasar Semawis is located in Semarang Chinese Town, Central Java, Indonesia that is undertaken  few days before Chinese New Year and this has been an annual event since 2004 when Chinese new year is legalize as national holiday in Indonesia.

The market is full of chinese ornaments, and other Chinese traditional performances and cultures such as classics opera, wayang potehi, barongsai, calligraphy, and Chinese medical consultancy. This annual event is organized by Kopi Semawis, Community of Semarang Chinese for Tourism and supported by Central Java Tourism Department, Semarang Government and other parties.

There are many kinds of culinary that cab be enjoyed at Pasar Semawis, from Indonesian to Chinese food, like pig satay.  Or any beverages such as Wedang ronde, tea, ice , wedang kacang tanah. And sure you can find Semarang special food, lumpia (spring roll)

Not only culinary, it has karaoke section, that specially plays mandarin songs. Other sections are booth sell fruits, clothing and accessories.