Rang Reng Cave Waterfall , Gianyar, Bali

Walking about 15 minutes descend through steps, we see the fan tiered waterfall. The water slides down along the rocks. It was stunningly beautiful. But we never thought that it was not the original waterfall, but made designed by a man named Made who has this idea. From the waterfall we went up to the natural swimming pools and the cave where the water comes from and flow to the waterfall.

Made grew up in this village and he knows well his village, river, waterfall and the forest. One day he meditated in the cave in the year 2015. And when he was meditating he had an idea about this place. It would be beautiful if the rock was cut, that it created pool and more water will flow on the rock surface and will make it more beautiful than before. He conveyed this ideas to his friends.

Rang reng names derived from Balinese which means beautiful ands spine-chilling. The names comes from Made’s experience meeting a boy in this place and told him the the cave was Rang Reng. Afterwards he never met this boy again and nobody knows who this boy was.

The cave is holy place for the locals, where they undertake melukat ritual whenever they have some terrible things happen, when they have nightmare.

If you do not want to go to see the cave, the waterfall is just enjoyable from a bamboo lookout where you can take photos.