Pictures: Labuan Bajo in the sunset time and evening

Labuan Bajo has been a destination for ocean and diving lovers. It is the gate to Komodo National Park which offers safari to see Komodo Dragon and well-known diving, snorkeling paradise. The hotels in Labuan Bajo has grown rapidly from dorm, homestays to a 5 star resort.

The city of Labuan Bajo is very small and easy to explore within few hours. There is a beach located a bit off the city where some resorts located., called as Waecicu Beach where you can swim without going to National Park area. About 30 minutes drive you can go to Rangko Cave.

The sunset time is very mesmerizing in Labuan Bajo. You can enjoy it from the hill side or even at the harbor area. If you stay at the main street area nearby harbor, you can walk to some coffee shops of some accommodations above. One of the is Ciao Hostel, at the third floor, the sunset view is amazingly beautiful.

Around sunset time you can stroll along the harbor and see street food stalls are prepared, with various kind of seafood from fish, crabs, lobster, shrimp and more. All are fresh.

Evening, you can enjoy dinner at some nice restaurants. One of the best restaurant which offers live music on Saturday night is Le Pirate.

Below are some pictures taken in Labuan Bajo during late afternoon and evening by Getaway Tours, Indonesia Tour Operator.

Labuan Bajo on sunset time from above
Labuan Bajo sunset seen from Ciao Hostel
Labuan Bajo sunset time at Bajo Bridge
Labuan Bajo harbor
Seafood food stall nearby Harbor