Jayabaya and His Prophecy

King Jayabaya ruled Kediri Kingdom in 1135-1157. His great name is Sri Maharaja Sang Mapanji Jayabhaya Sri Warmeswara Madhusudana Awataranindita Suhtrisingha Parakrama Uttunggadewa.

Jayabaya is popular among Javanese until today, as written also in Babad Tanah Jawi (Chronicle of Java) and Serat Aji Pamasa.

King Jayabaya (Prabu Jayabaya) is believed to be the incarnation of Visnu. He is famous for his prophecy for Java (Indonesia). There are several  manuscripts about Jayabaya prophecy, such as Serat Jayabaya, Musarar, Serat Pranitiwakya and some more.

In Serat jayabaya Musarar, it was written that one day Jayabaya studied to Maolana Ngali Samsujen. From him, he learned about Java Island since it was occupied by Ajisaka until the End of the Day. From the name of the teacher, can be concluded that this manuscript was written in the period of Islam in Java. People always obeyed great figure, that the witer wrote that the prophecy is the words of King Jayabaya.

A writer from Surakarta, Ranggawarsita, often wrote manuscripts of Jayabaya Prophecy, yet he always put his name on his writings, while other manuscripts about Jayabaya prophecy mostly is written anonymously.

Jayabaya prophecy is about the Java Island or Indonesia in general. These are Jayabaya prophecies which are phenomenal:

1. The arrival of white pale skin men who carry a clubs that is able to kill from distance and yellow-skin men from the North.
This prophecy came to be real when Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch and then in 1942, Japanese came to Indonesia.

2. Kreto mlaku tanpo jaran, Prau mlaku ing nduwur awang-awang
Carriage run without horse, ship run in the air . Which is defined as car and plane.

3.The arrival of disasters in Indonesia. 

4. Udan Salah Mongso (Rain in the wrong season)

5. Tanah Jawa kalungan wesi (Java wears necklace of iron )

6. Kali ilang kedhunge ( Rivers lost its spring)

7. Pasar ilang kumandhang — (Traditional) Market lost its sound

8. Bumi saya suwe saya mengkeret — (Earth shrinks)

9. Sekilan bumi dipajeki — (Every small piece of land is levied tax)

10. Jaran doyan mangan sambel — (Horses like to eat sambals)

11. Wong wadon nganggo pakeyan lanang — (Women dress like men)

and there are still more ….

Javanese also refer to Jayabaya prephecy for Indonesian leader or president with term of NOTONEGORO. Indonesian first president was SoekarNO, and the second president was SoeharTO, NE was not in the name of Indonesia 3rd President, BJ Habibie that most people translated this NE means the president from outside Java Island. And GORO (derives from goro-goro) means conflicts and riots happened in the era of Abdurrahman Wahid and Megawati and the 4th and 5th president. And the 6th president YodhoyoNO, is believed that now Indonesia returns to NO again. It seems to be abit too weird, but this topic is very popular among Javanese (Indonesian) as they believe in this prophecy.

Source: wikipedia and kompasiana