Sumba Island Exotic Tour Package 10 Days 9 Nights

Sumba is a unique destination that will take you back to the megalithic culture. And it is just situated only about 60 minutes from Bali by air. Beautiful nature scattered throughout this island. The vast meadow hills, the fairy tale-like waterfall, and the dramatic view of tall traditional houses. Women on the island still weave using traditional looms and using natural dyes from trees and plants to color yarns. The megalithic sites will take you back far away to the past, to the ancient era.  This 10 days Sumba Tour itinerary is a culture odyssey and enriching experience for the body and soul. Let us know if you would like to custom this itinerary.

Day 1: Arrival Waingapu -Prailiu -Walakiri (B.L)
Arrival at Waingapu Airport of East Sumba, you will first meet the guide and driver. Afterwards drive to hotel and check in. After lunch and then transfer to Prailiu Hamlet where the dramatic traditional houses with thatched roof are still well preserved. You can walk around the village and observe the megalithic tombs and also seeing women working on the loom making natural dyes of ikat weaving. Afterwards and then visit Walakiri Beach, the exotic beach fill with white sands and enjoy the magical sunset especially on the low tide when the dancing mangrove trees silhouette during low tide.
Overnight : Waingapu

Day 2 : Melolo-Pau Rende -Mauhau (B,L,D)
After breakfast and then ready to hit the road heading to Melolo to visit Rende Hamlet. Along the 2 hours drive you can see the daily activities of Sumbanese and the landscape. Rende Hamlet has gigantic megalithic tombs and the traditional tall thatched roof houses are still well preserved. The house’s wall made out of buffalo leather can be found in the hamlet. The atmosphere of the hamlet could take you return to some centuries ago for its traditional ambience. Proceed to Mount Mauhau to see a dazzling twilight during sunset time.
Overnight: Waingapu

Day 3: Prailiang Hamlet-Kambera Londa Lima -Wairinding Savannah (B,L,D)
After breakfast and then drive to Prailiang Hamlet, where traditional houses of Sumba tribe can be found here, tall roof made out of thatch. Houses are erected in to lines formation located on rocky hilltop in order to avoid slave traders at the coast area. Even the roofs are not as high as that of in West Sumba, yet they are still impressive. The big megalithic tombs are scattered across the village.
Visit Puru Kambera Beach which stretched beautifully with its white sands separating the ocean with the vegetations.
Proceed to visit Warinding Savannah, a vast grassland of green and gold contoured beautifully along the horizon.
Overnight: Waingapu

Day 4: Waingapu-Pasunga-Waikabubak (B,L,D)
After breakfast and then check out. And drive to Waikabubak located in West Sumba. Enroute you will be stopping by at Pasunga Hamlet situated at Anakalang district where myriads of megalithic tombs scattered throughout the hamlet.
Overnight: Waikabubak

Day 5: Lapopu Waterfall-Praijing Hamlet (B,L,D)
First destination today is Manupeu Tanah Deru National Park where Lapopu Waterfall is located. Lapopu Waterfall is easily accessed and yet the waterfall is stunning with its segmented fan type waterfall streams down to the pool.
Afterwards visit Praijing Hamlet which will be the highlight of your travel to Sumba Island. You could enjoy the breath-taking hamlet view that is encircled by lush green forest, just like it comes out of a fairy tale. You can mingle and communicate with the locals and learn about their cultures.
Overnight: Waikabubak

Day 6: Wei Galli Hamlet-Kerewei Beach-Marosi (B,L,D)
Today you will visit Wei Galli Hamlet, a hamlet located on hilltop. The highest hill top is where stone tombs and megalithic sites can be found.
The hamlet is rich of stories passed from generation to generation. According to locals, the hamlet was built by Ubu Palabang, one of the first pioneer to inhabit Sumba Island.
Drive through rice fields, coconut trees, and hills to Kerewei Beach. You will make a quick stop at field where Pasola battle performance takes place annually, to commemorate the warrior ancestors.
After enjoying the turquoise water and white sand of Kerewei Beach and then visit Marosi Beach to relish the sunset .
Overnight: Waikabubak

Day 7: Manupeu National Park-Matayangu Waterfall (B,L,D)
Today you will be visiting Matayangu Waterfall located in the midst of Manupeu National Park. The trek to the waterfall is moderate challenge through relatively steep trails which is about 2 km distance. The waterfall is simply an unparalleled beauty like it comes out of a dream and it is definitely a highlight of Sumba visit. The water slides through rock and streamed down to a turquoise pool that invites you to rejuvenate.
Overnight: Waikabubak

Day 8: Waikabubak-Ratenggaro Hamlet-Waikuri Lagoon-Waitabula (B,L,D)
After breakfast and then check out and drive to Ratenggaro Hamlet, where highest thatched-roofed Sumba houses can be found creating a dramatic view. The hamlet nestles on the sea side which makes the hamlet atmosphere magical. There are myriad of tomb stones which dates back from ancient time. The locals still preserve Marapi indigenous belief.
Drive further to Waikuri Lagoon, a captivating secluded turquoise natural salt pool separated from the Hindian Ocean by cliff. You can either swimming, jumping, sunbathing or climbing to cliff to view the Hindian Ocean.

Day 9: Mbawana Beach-Watumalandong Beach-Pero Beach (B,L,D)
After breakfast visit Mbawana Beach, which was once one of the icons of Sumba tourism with its cliff ring that was destroyed by quake in 2020. Afterwards visit Watumalandong Beach , a beach with crystal clear blue water and dramatic rock formations. Afterwards enjoy your time at Pero Beach, a rocky beach where you can see sea water splash high every time wave hits the rocks.
Overnight: Waitabula

Day 10: Transfer Out-Tambolaka Airport (B)
Free program until we transfer you to Tambolaka Airport.

-Private Transfer, driver, Gasoline
-Hotel with breakfast
-Meals as programmed
-English Speaking Guide
-Entrance Fees and Donation
-Driver and Guide Allowances
-Mineral Water Daily

-Travel Insurance
-Personal Expenses

What to Bring:
– Walking Shoes
– Comfy outfit
– Swimming suit
– Sunscreen
– Drybag

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