Review 2016

Ms Bianca Gay (date: 20 February 2016)
It was good but everything took longer than we expected. The driver from Bromo to Ijen was very friendly though.

Mr. Frank Jukes (date: 23 Febryary 2016)
Good, disappointed that Bromo was active and we could not go to the crater. Manu was very helpful and flexible.

Mr. Luca Prateli from Italy (date: 11 May 2016)
Very well prepared tour. Guide was able to tell different stories and give us a lot informatin. Also how he deals with us is very kind and professional. We enjoyed alot waterfalls, Bromo, and Ijen.

Mr. Muhammad Irfan from Malaysia (date: 28 May 2016)
it was very fun from the beginning at the train station till the last day. The best thing was even though we, visitors, our guide/drivers treated us as friends. The information given are also easy to understand and useful to us in terms of culture, language and geographically. Overall, taking this tour was not a let down.

Ms. Juliette from Singapore (date: 17 May 2016)
-Great experience with authentic places of interests (savannah, Bromo, Ijen)
-Allows flexibility in customized itinerary

Ms. Emily Wee from Singapore (date: 30 April 2016)
All are in good order, nothing to comment, keep it up. Good job!

Ms Michelle Leong from Singapore (date: 10 June 2016)
Very good. We loved the stories and excellent photography skills. Always on time and reliable.

Ms. Yolanda Constantin-Singapore (Date 8 August 2016)
Happy with the service, the driver is very prompt, helpful and friendly.
Will definitely book the service again if we visit Java in the future.

Mr. Boris-Russia (Date:1 Nov 2016)
Well organized.

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