Responsible Tourism

We commit to support responsible tourism practices that will lead to sustainable tourism development and with us travelers can involve to contribute conserving natural and cultural heritage and generate benefit for local economy, and still, we offer cost effective packages.

  • Using locally owned facilities such as hotel and restaurants for our guests that will automatically benefit local economic, improving working conditions, favor the multiplier effect of tourism activities.
  • Designing tours in small scale size that minimize the impact on economics, social, cultural and environment. We try the best that our activities  will  not deteriorate, endanger susceptible environment and do not exceed the the carrying capacity.
  • Providing physical challenge for travelers that will give them more adventure and learning experience.
  • Creating opportunities for visitors to interact with locals in an unstructured and spontaneous manner to yield in local pride and confidence, and mutual understanding between tourists and local people.



Economic & Social Responsibility
We employ staff, guides and drivers from local area, Our business gives women equal opportunity for employment, Business support actively scholarship for local children from low-income family, and we design tours that encourage guests can learn from local people,and interact with them. We use locally owned accommodations and restaurants for our guests that will benefit local economy.
We have Giving Back Program, we donate part of our income for children scholarship program of LMI (Philantrophy Management Institutions). We do support the education of drop out or poor children in Surabaya and the vicinity with this program.

Environmental Responsibility
We use environmentally friendly transportation en-route, and our staffs, guides and drivers are aware of the environment issues. We attempt to reduce the use of consumables, try to re-cycle, and reuse material as best as we can. In our operation we  avoid the use of disposable and plastic packaging.

Cultural Responsibility
We promote local cultures, traditions, local art and crafts to our guest, offer local cuisines to our guests and visit local restaurant. Our guides have commitments to build more understanding of local cultures, traditions, values to guests. We encourage tourist and host encounter and communication for eternal bound between them.

Indonesia Ecotourism and Adventure Tour : Yogyakarta, Borobudur, Toraja, Nias, Bromo, Ijen, Bali, Komodo, Flores, Orangutan Borneo, Sumatra, Lombok, Sumba Island and beyond.