Piaynemo-Wayag Raja Ampat Tour 6 Days 5 Nights

Piaynemo-Wayag Raja Ampat Tour 6 Days 5 Nights

Day 1: Arrival Sorong-Homestay/Resort (Lunch, Dinner)
Arrival at Sorong Airport and then drive to Harbor and then sail to visit Kri Island for Lunch and Relaxing and then proceed to Pasir Timbul for sand dunes photography.

If you stay at Raja Ampat Dive Lodge, RADIL, then proceed to Sawingray Village for fish feeding and coffee break. Check in homestay/resort and then free activities of Snorkeling/Diving/Canoeing / Sunset Seeing at Radil Jetty.

If you stay in other areas, then sail to FRIWEN WALL for snorkeling and Diving to see wall and soft corals and then check in Resort/ Homestay.

Day 2:PIAYNEMO HIKING (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast visit  Manta Point for snorkeling or diving activities and then visit Arborek Jetty for lunch and village visit. Proceed to Pianemo, where you must hike 320 stairs to the peak. Enjoy coconut time at Pianemo Homestay. Proceed to BUKIT BINTANG/STAR LAGOON for hiking and photography, proceed MELLYSA GARDEN (snorkeling/diving) located between two large corals abundant of sharks, Wobbegongs and soft-corals,  Return to Resort/Homestay.

Day 3: ISLAND HOPPING (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast visit Gam Bay and hike to Mysterious Cave for photography. Afterwards boatong around Bonzai Stones. Proceed to Sawinggray Village for lunch and fish feeding and mingle with local children. Continue to MIKE’s POINT (for snorkeling and/diving) , known for advance level Dive Spot to spot sharks and King Mackerels. Afterwards heading to SARDINES for snorkeling/diving to spot schools of sardines and yellow tails. And then relax at KRI ISLAND. Return to homestay/resort. Dinner at homestay/resort.

Day 4: WAYAG HIKING (Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner)
Morning visit Serpele Village to visit Conservation International Camp and hiking Wayag Mountain, descend and lunch at CI Camp. At C I Camp you can also do snorkeling activity to spot sharks and jack fish. Proceed to Kabui Bay, narrow strain between Gam and Waegeo Island and then return to resort/homestay.

Day 5: Cape Kri-Yuembuba-Sorong (Breakfast,Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast , check out and sail to CAPE KRI for snorkeling/diving, enjoying the beautiful 1 km long corals rich of marine life. Proceed to Yuembuba Village for lunch and snorkeling/diving to spot turtles and barracudas. Retirn to Sorong. Check in SWISSBEL /BELAGRI Hotel Sorong. Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 6:Sorong-Transfer Out (Breakfast)

-Boat to suit the capacity
-2 Nights accommodation in Raja Ampat
-1 Night Deluxe room in Swissbel Hotel Sorong-
-Mineral Water & Soft drinks
-Coffee,Tea,snacks,fruits & Coconut
-Snorkeling Equipment
-Experienced Guide and Crews
-Under water photography
-All spots entrance fees
-PIN Marine Conservation (IDR 500,000)
-Transportation and City Tour
-Short Snorkeling course (If needed)
-Conservation Education
-Transportation & City Tour

-All spot entrance fees
-Additional: PIN (Marine Conservation) IDR.500.000,- for foreigners
-Diving Optional
660.000 for Open Water
600,000 for advance Level
800,000 for Beginner who wants to try Scuba Diving

  1 PAX 2 PAX 3 PAX 4 PAX 5 PAX
Raja Ampat Dive Lodge (DLX)  IDR68,850,000 IDR38,300,000  IDR29,300,000 IDR24,100,000  IDR21,800,000
Raja Ampat Dive Lodge STD  IDR63,800,000  IDR34,100,000  IDR24,800,000  IDR19,900,000  IDR17,450,000
Putras Resort/
Afu Resort
 IDR63,800,000  IDR34,100,000 IDR24,800,000  IDR19,900,000  IDR17,450,000
Raja Ampat Dive Resort / Doborai  IDR63,800,000  IDR34,400,000  IDR25,100,000  IDR20,300,000  IDR17,850,000
Gurara Resort/Villa WAEGEO  IDR63,800,000  IDR34,400,000  IDR25,100,000   IDR20,300,000   IDR17,850,000
Gurara STD/Waegeo STD  IDR62,100,000  IDR33,050,000  IDR23,850,000  IDR19,050,000  IDR16,600,000
Afu Resort STD/HS Prajas VIP  IDR61,250,000  IDR32,400,000  IDR23,300,000  IDR18,550,000  IDR16,100,000
HS Yuembuba/HS Kordiris  IDR60,850,000  IDR32,100,000  IDR23,000,000  IDR18,250,000  IDR15,850,000
  6 PAX 7 PAX 8 PAX 9 PAX 10 PAX
Raja Ampat Dive Lodge (DLX) IDR19,500,000  IDR18,300,000 IDR17,400,000  IDR16,800,000  IDR15,950,000
Raja Ampat Dive Lodge STD IDR15,300,000 IDR14,000,000 IDR13,200,000 IDR12,600,000 IDR11,750,000
Putras Resort/
Afu Resort
 IDR15,300,000  IDR14,000,000  IDR13,200,000  IDR12,600,000  IDR11,750,000
Raja Ampat Dive Resort / Doborai  IDR15,800,000  IDR14,800,000  IDR13,650,000  IDR13,000,000  IDR12,250,000
Gurara Resort/Villa Awegeo  IDR15,800,000  IDR14,800,000  IDR13,650,000  IDR13,000,000  IDR12,250,000
Gurara STD/Waegeo STD  IDR14,550,000  IDR13,200,000  IDR12,400,000  IDR11,700,000  IDR10,950,000
Afu Resort STD/HS Prajas VIP  IDR14,050,000  IDR12,700,000  IDR11,900,000  IDR11,200,000  IDR10,450,000
HS Yuembuba/HS Kordiris  IDR13,800,000  IDR12,450,000  IDR11,600,000  IDR10,950,000  IDR10,200,000

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