We have program to learn more about sustainable farming, sustainable tourism, environmental program which consists of waste management and renewable energy, workshop and training, school-based environmental program. Those program are suitable for students and public.

The program can be customized for one day to some several days. We provide basic dormitory for on-location stay, with 2 to 3 persons per lodge.

Here are some examples of program we offer:

1. Tour Area Center and Mini workshop;
You will be visiting workshop of water, soil and energy (Green life style) and then proceed with beach area tour to learn about animals and beach environment.

2. Permaculture Tour
Visitor will learn about agriculture which is working with nature, respecting nature, and learn from nature.

3. Join daily activities
Visitors will have the chance to get involved in the daily activities of farmers:
– feeding livestock / poultry
– watering
– weed cleaning
– harvesting corn, beans or other crops in season

4. Nature Exploration:
– Siung Beach – Wedi Ombo Beach Walk
The area is a geo tourism area with mixture of carst and vulcanic plain, this area has unique nature and challenging. Walking this 5 km distance through the slope of Mt Batur (or known as Ancient Volcano), which is located on slope of Hindian Ocean and will take about 6 km walk.

– Nggreweng Beach – Wedi Ombo Beach Walk
Nggreweng beach has mangrove area hidden in the middle of carst mountain. This walk is 5 km distance or about 5 hours, passing village, farms, caves and carst and volcanic rocks.

For overnight program it is also available to play documentary film about animals. If you have several days the tour can be customized with visit to Prambanan Temple,  Borobudur Temple or other places of interest in Yogyakarta.


5Days/4Nights Yogyakarta Student Program

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