Surabaya Mangrove Tour

Since years ago, the deteriorating mangrove ecosystem in Surabaya has made local farmer shifted their salt water pond into planting mangrove and processed the mangrove fruit or leave into various products. The eastern coast of Surabaya has been planted with mangrove involving various elements, such as students or corporates. Boating through the river is available and jetty has been built for visitors.Though it is still on preliminary stage, visiting mangrove can give broad horizon about the important of mangrove conservation. If interested, you can get involved in mangrove reforestation in Surabaya. You will also have chance to visit mangrove batik painting in Wonorejo, and see local farmers process mangrove fruit to various product such as syrup, dodol, other products.This tour is all inclusive, including giveaway of mangrove syrup.

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