Minangkabau Traditional House, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Minangkabau of West Sumatra of Indonesia has unique local architecture which is very attractive, sepecially the unique roof which pointing like buffalo horns. Locally the house of called Rumah Gadang means big house, as usually the house is occupied by more than one family members. 

The interior and beautiful exterior design governed by social and cultural of Minangkabau tribe. Minangkabau practices matrilineal role. Though people who live in West Sumatra is known as Minangkabau, however the real Minangkabau people are they who lived in Tanah Datar Region, Agam district  and Kota Lima Puluh. 

Malaysia has also Minangkabau Region, in Negeri Sembilan Region. They moved from West Sumatra in the 16th Century. In Negeri Sembilan the custom and architecture is known as Perpatih. Even though they give different name, they practice the same traditions. 

The house is mainly built from timber and in the past the roof is made from thatched (locally called ijuk). The house is decorated with carving of floral and simple geometric shape. Now new Minangkabau house uses corrugated irons. 

Minangkabau have strong Islam value in their daily life, and also strong indigenous custom. Minangkabau indigenous belief is HIndu and Animistic. Women is the property owner and husbands can sleep in the house for certain conditions, and men sleep at their sisters house. Due to this custom, merantau or working in another regions and earn fortune to build another contemporary house in their village of origin. 



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