Padang-Mentawai-Bukittinggi-Kerinci Seblat National Park (West Sumatera) 15 Days 14 Nights

This 14 Days of West Sumatera odyssey will take you on a cultural trip, visiting the indigenous tribe of Mentawai who still preserved their way of life, believe and tradition.This tour will also take you to see the unique Rafesia Arnoldi and visit some places of interest in the city tour visit. And will take you to be amazed by Kerinci Seblat National Park, where the endanger Sumateran Tigers still roam. Taking off the beaten path in Kerinci Area, you will explore and trek to Lake Gunung Tujuh and explore the wonders of another side of the National Park, via Lempur Villahe which produces cinnamon and has amazing lakes nearby. This tour is difficulty is medium.

West Sumatera Exploration
Padang-Mentawai-Bukittinggi-Kerinci Seblat National Park

Day 1: Arrival Padang- Transfer in (Dinner)
Upon arrival Minangkabau International Airport, Padang and then drive about 1 hour to Padang City.
Visiting: Siti Nurbaya Bridge, overlooking Moaro Port, and then visit the Old Town of Padang, where you can see many colonial building and buildings with Chinese style, visit Padang Beach. Dinner with Padang seafood menus at Padang Beach area. Check in hotel.

Day 2: Padang-Siberut-Mentawai Tribe House (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
At 07.00, check out and then take Mentawai Fast fery boat from Muaro Port and sail 4 hours to south Siberut Island port. Take motorbike taxi to Muntei Village, the last village before entering the Siberut Jungle where some Mentawai Tribe live. From Muntei and then take pompong, a small long boat with motor engine, to sail to Mentawai Jungle, which takes about 1.5 hours. Arrival at the small harbor and then jungle trek about 1 hour to Mentawai Tribe house, which is called uma. Along the trek you will wear boot and carry wooden cane for balance along the muddy path. Meet and greet with the host family. The host family is Sikerey, Mentawai Shaman, the plant medicine expert and chief of ritual. You can enjoy free activities or have a dialogue with Sikerey to know more about Mentawai culture and tradition.

Day 3: Mentawai Tribe Experience (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast and then visit another Mentawai Tribe uma, which takes about 1 hour trek. Meet and greet with the home owner. And then return back for lunch. Afternoon seeing Sikerei making poison for hunting animal and help to wrap sago with sago leaves.

Day 4: Mentawai Tribe Experience (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast and then seeing the making process of kabid, the barkcloth wrapped over Sikerey hip made of baiko tree. And then join the host to collect sago worm from nearby the uma and carry home and cook them a la Mentawai Tribe. You can have the cooked sago worm for dinner.

Day 5: Mentawai-Padang (Breakfast, Lunch)
After breakfast and then say goodbye to the host family. Trek back to small harbor and then sail by pompong to Muntei. Take Mentawai Fast at 14.00 and sail to Padang. ETA Padang 18.00. Arrival Padang then transfer to hotel. Check in.

Day 6: Padang-Bukittinggi (Breakfast, Lunch)
After breakfast and then drive 3 hours to Bukittinggi. You will stop by at Lembah Anai Waterfall. Along the trip you will be seeing rice field and traditional houses. Arrival Bukittinggi and then enjoy city tour, visiting: Fort De Kock Fortress which can be accessed via Bukittinggi zoo by crossing a bridge. And then visit Panorama Garden to see the view of Sianok Valley, and proceed to view point of Sianok Valley at Koto Gadang, and walk down along 1 KM the Great Wall of Koto Gadang which connects Bukittinggi to Agam district. Photostop at Jam Gadang or the Great Clock. Return to hotel.

Day 7: Raflesia-Kelok 44-Lake Maninjau (Breakfast, Lunch)
After breakfast and then drive about 1 hour to Batang Palupuh to see Raflesia Arnoldy blooming. Please note: this trip is available when the flower blooms. Usually it takes about 1-3 hours walk to the site in the village jungle where it blooms and unpredictable from month to month. Afterwards and then visit the home industry which process Kopi Luwak and enjoy a cup of Luwak Coffee. Drive about 1 hour to Puncak Lawang, the view point to Lake Maninjau. And then drive about via Kelok 44 , a total 44 turnings, to reach Lake Maninjau. Return to Bukittinggi.

Day 8: Harau Valley-Batu Sangkar-Lake Singkarak (Breakfast, Lunch)
After breakfast then drive about 2 hours to Harau Valley where you can see some waterfalls with beautiful vista. Drive to Payakumbuh, and passing a fly over at Kelok 9 Area. Afterwards and then drive to Batusangkat City to visit Pagarruyung Palace, the replica of Minangkabau royal palace which was burnt down during Paderi War in 1804. Drive to Lake Singkarak and then return to Bukittnggi. Enroute you can stop by at Pande Sikek village to see local embroidery. Return to hotel.

Day 9: Bukittinggi- Kersik Tuo Kerinci (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast and then long drive to Kersik Tuo, located on slope of Mount Kerinci (3,805 m), the highest mountain in South East Asia. It will take about 9 to 10 hours drive. Enroute you will be passing Lake Diatas, Lake Dibawah and villages and rice field and beautiful panorama. Check in homestay.

Day 10: Lake Gunung Tujuh Hiking (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast and then drive to Gunung Tujuh village and start hiking from Pintu Rimba to Lake Gunung Tujuh, which takes about 3 hours one way. Lake Gunung Tujuh is located in Kerinci Seblat National Park , on the 1,950 m elevation. The path is natural stairs because of the tree roots. About noon return to Pintu Rimba. Return to homestay. Rest.

Day 11: Kersik Tuo-Lempur (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast and then visit Telun Berasap Waterfall which its water source flows from Lake Gunung Tujung. Afterwards drive to Lempur Village which takes about 3 hours drive.  Enroute you will stop by at Kayu Aro Tea Plantation, which has vast area and then photostop at  Sumurup Hotspring and visit the Grand Mosque Pondok Tinggi at Sungai Penuh and  Lake Kerinci. Arrival in Lempur Village, and then check in homestay. 

Day 12: Lake Kaco Trekking (Breakfast, Lunch Box, Dinner)
After breakfast and then drive to nearby the village forest, and trek about 3 hours to Lake Kaco, enroute you will be passing creeks and river. Arrival at the crystal clear blue lake, rest and swimming. About 14.00 trek back and return to homestay.

Day 13: Village Tour  and Lake Lingkat and Lake Nyalo (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast and then walk through Lempur Village, seeing local activities, drying coffee beans and cinnamon. And visit two old wooden mosques in the village. Afterwards visit the rice field which grow Payo rice, which can only be harvested once a year. Stop by at Cylindrical stone which is considered as a monument in the middle of the rice field. Walk about 40 minutes to Lake Lingkat, a beautiful green lake surrounded by lush forest. Afterwards Lunch and then walk about 1 hour to Lake Nyalo, another lake located in the village, along the walk you will be passing cinnamon trees. Return to homestay. 

Day 14: Lempur Village-Padang (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
After breakfast and then check out. Drive about 7 hours to Padang. Check in Hotel. 

Day 15: Transfer Out (Breakfast)
Free program until we transfer you to airport. End of service. 

– The journey to Mentawai Tribe is an experience tour that visitors will experience to live a little more like Mentawai Tribe. You will be sleeping on the floor and eat like locals, even though rice and vegetables are provided. There is no toilet and running water on this tour.
– The trip involves trekking, and long drive in Sumatera which takes good stamina.
– In some areas, you will be eating in small food stalls, not in a restaurants, those are sometimes the best available in the area.
– Just in case, you can bring snacks
– The trip to Mentawai Island includes donation and accommodation at the host family but you can also give gifts (not compulsory), also for Mentawai children you can give via the parents (like books)

-Private Vehicle as program
-Hotel/Homestay with breakfast as program
-English Speaking Guide
-Local Guides
-Meals as programmed
-Entrance Fees, Donation, Tours as program
-Parking/Toll Fees
-Mineral Water Daily

-Travel Insurance
-Personal Expenses

What to bring:
-Walking Shoes
-Mountain Slippers
-Some air of socks
-Some outfit for outdoor activities
-Bugs Repellent
-Dry sack
-Spare batteries/powerbank

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