Yogyakarta Honeymoon


Yogyakarta is also known as Yogya or Jogja, a special territory of Indonesia nestles in central part of Java Island. It constitutes of 5 regencies. Jogja city has been the center of Javanese culture and it is centered in Sultan Palace that is called Kraton.

Yogyakarta’s existence is relatively close to the establishment of Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat in 1682 Javanese calendar or 1756 as written in candrasengkala : Dwi Naga Rasa Tunggal.
Giyanti Treaty or Palihan Nagari was signed in February 13th 1755, and a day after that, Pangeran (Prince) Mangkubumi was entitled as ‘Kanjeng Sultan Hamengkubuwono Senapati Ing Ngalaga Ngabdurahman Sayyidin Panatagama Kalifatullah Ing Ngayogyakarta Handiningrat Ingkang Jumeneng Kaping Sepisan’ or Sri Sultan hamengkubuwono I.

On October 7th 1756, Sri SUltan Hamengkubowono I moved to the new palace and that encouraged the region evolving. Ngayogyakarta or Yogyakarta name is derived from Ayodya, the Kingdom of Sri Rama, in Ramayana Epic.
Yogyakarta was Indonesia capital from 1946 to 1949 and now the capital of Yogyakarta Special Territory. As the center of government since Maratam Hindu, and then Mataram Islam, and later Dutch colonial period, Yogyakarta is historically very interesting and owning the remains of those periods that are inviting to be explored. Prambanan  Temple, Ramayana Ballet, Sultan Palace, Kota Gede, Megalithic Remains, Taman Sari, Vredenburg Fortress. Even the locals activities in Ngasem Bird Market, Pasar Bringharjo, Batik drawing, silver engraving, are interesting to see.
Further south, there is one and only sand dune phenomenon in Indonesia. Hilly dunes from nearby volcano eruption materials of Gunung Merapi and Gunung Merbabu that are created by winds.

Local people are interested in traditional activities such as batik making, silver engraving, Hindu Javanese statuary, bronzes and shadow puppets, basketry and weaving.

Yogyakarta locals are friendly, and they dress in Javanese traditional clothes. Popular local transports are becak (pedicab) and dokar (horse cart). They are found almost on every corner of the city.

Honeymoon Accomodation

in Yogyakarta:

Hotel Sheraton Mustika
This luxury resort has a Javanese atmosphere and excellent service. It nestled nearby popular attractions such as Sultan Palace, Taman Sari, Borobudur Temple, Malioboro Street and numerous other places just distance away. This resort has a green beautiful garden, and volcano view.


Hotel Melia Purosani
Melia Purosani is located in the heart of Jogja city, just a walk awat from Sultan Palace, Malioboro Street, and not far from Prambanan Temple, and short drive from Borobudur Temple. Melia is where guests can enjoy Javanese culture but also modern amenities. This hotel is just like a hideaway in Jogja city center.


Villahanis Boutique Hotel
Villahanis Boutique Hotel is a perfect hideaway with absolute privacy surrounded by rice paddies. This villa area covers 1800 square meters with Mt Merapi overlooking . And as it is located in village, guest can interact with locals. The Villa is in Limas house and dominated by teak wood, that it gives Javanese atmosphere to its guests. It is only 15 minutes drive from Jogja airport, and 10 minutes from the city center.


Villa Pondok Terra
Pondok Terra Yogya is Luxury villas in Yogyakarta that offer a very private privacy with traditional Javanese ambiance. It was constructed in Indonesian local design, each of the villa has private swimming pool and garden.


in The Vicinity of Jogja
Amanjiwo Resort
Amanjiwo means ‘peacuful soul’ is a luxury resort located at Menoreh Hill, facing Borobudur Temple, and 4 peaks in the vicinity surround this, Mt Sumbing, Mt Sindoro, Mt Merbabu, and Mt Merapi. The resort is created from huge limestone slabs, the suites in two crescent-tiered along natural shape of amphiteather. Staying in this resort not only rich of visual feast but also yield profound impact to senses.IT just 2 hours from Solo International Airport and 1 hour from Yogyakarta International Airport.

Losari Coffee Plantation Retreat & Spa
Losari Coffee Plantation Retreat & Spa offers luxurious villas in a former Dutch colonial coffee plantation. The architecture is a blend of Colonial, Javanese and contemporary style. The villas and public areas are surrounded by lush plantation vegetation, fresh air and quiet ambiance. From the plantation guests can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Mt Merapi and other mountain in the vicinity. It takes 1.5 hours from Semarang Airport or 2 hours from Yogyakarta airport to this retreat and spa.

Borobudur Temple
Prambanan Temple
Sultan Palace Yogyakarta
Horse Carriage Museum
Sand Dunes Phenomenon
Lava Tour Merapi
Ramayana Ballet Performance
Dieng Plateau
Sultan Palace Surakarta
Candi Sukuh

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