Surabaya Honeymoon

ABOUT SURABAYA Surabaya is located on the eastern part of Java, and though it is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, it has more Javanese character. Surabaya has grown as cities with many shopping malls and places for leisure and entertainment. As Surabaya was once the base of East Indies navy, it has many nice colonial buildings spread all over the town. And if you go to the old town of Surabaya, you will find many distinct atmosphere such as Chinese and Arab area as part of Dutch Government cultuurstelsel. As Surabaya has a very long history since Majapahit period (12th-15th Century), there are many historical building in Surabaya or vicinity such as Ampel Mosque in Surabaya built in 15th Century, also a popular pilgrimage site where Sunan Ampel tomb located. Outside Surabaya, in Trowulan, Mojokerto, there are numerous temples and remains from Majapahit period. There are also remains from before majapahit Period, such as Jalatunda Bathing Place from King Airlangga period. Surabaya is only less than 2 hours from Batu and Malang, a cold city on mountain that are suitable for happy couples. Surabaya is the main gate to Gunung Bromo and Ijen crater that you can explore. We make sure that you can have sweet memory and nice photograph during your visit to those places. Surabaya has wide selections of accommodation for happy couples. And for this we choose oases in Surabaya city with excellent service and facilities such as spa, candle light dinner, swimming pool. Surabaya has many nice delicacies too such as lontong balap, soto daging, rawon, kue lapis legit. Souvenirs can be found in Surabaya easily, whether it is batik madura, leather bag, shoes, or traditional snacks. Surabaya has mangrove batik painting, the batik color is made of mangrove from the eastern coast of Surabaya. If happy couple are interested in cruise trip, Surabaya has it!

Surabaya Honeymoon Hideaways Resorts in Surabaya: Hotel Majapahit Majapahit Hotel is a luxury hotel with colonial architecture, constructed in 1910, this hotel maintains its original design. Located in the heart of Surabaya, and just a walk from Tunjungan Plaza, this hotel is like an oases.     Hotel Singgasana Singgasana Hotel is known as resort in Surabaya city. The area covers 15 acres with green surrounding and garden with traditional yet modern set. Located next to Yani Golf, and only 20 minutes from Surabaya Airport. Singgasana is a place to relax, to enjoy your special moments with peaceful ambiance but also convenient to prestigious shopping mall and other entertainment in Surabaya.   Hotel Equator Hotel Equator is a resort design hotel located in Surabaya. The rooms are set in a green garden with suites type of rooms. The area covers 3.6 hectares and most of it is tropical gardens, perfect to enjoy your private moment in Surabaya.   Resorts In the Vicinity of Surabaya, These accommodations are option of you wish to explore Gunung Bromo or Ijen Crater in your honeymoon. Java Banana Bromo Ijen Resort & Villas Attractions in Surabaya & Vicinity House of Sampoerna Museum Submarine Museum Trowulan Majapahit Temples Jolotundo Temple Safari Park Apple Plantation Coban Eondo Waterfall Gunung Bromo Ijen Crater

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