Java Honeymoon

Imagining a honeymoon that is different than usual honeymoon place? That could be Java. There are few cities that are suitable for your honeymoon destinations. We know maybe Java is not even written in many catalog of honeymoon destination, but it does not mean that Java is not suitable for honeymoon. Java is very unique with its culture, heritage and natural beauty and it has wide range of nice accommodations for happy couples.

As the growth of tourism, the accommodations in Java is evolving to luxurious hotel, boutique hotel, or unique hidden hideaways that are suitable for you honeymoon or wedding anniversary destination. And not only the accommodation and nice places, there are luxury traditional spas, batik painting, good quality handicraft & artworks, and local hospitality.

We offer you honeymoon package that lasts forever by giving privacy, leisure, pleasure and wonderful experiences, whether for for newly wed couple or wedding anniversary couple.  Happy couples could enjoy memorable quality times together. We carefully select accommodations with splendid service and value at great rates.

For us, serving guests is an honor, our professional and solid team will assist you to make your desirable honeymoon come true. Just request your detail honeymoon, guide that speaks your native language, or other arrangements. As Java is rich for natural beauty, we also offer more package to explore more natural and cultural beauty,and even adventures by request.

The Destination


Yogyakarta & Vicinity

Yogyakarta is popular as a city that is rich of Javanese culture, no wonder that it has been known as the second destination in Indonesia after Bali. Javanese are friendly and very welcome that it is suitable for your honeymoon destination. There are many selections of activities in Yogyakarta such as seeing old Hindu Temples, Sultan palace, enjoy traditional spa, or watch traditional performance. Read more interesting places, accommodations, and packages for Honeymoon in Yogyakarta


Honeymoon Stay in Yogyakarta:

Sheraton Mustika Resort & Spa

Melia Purosani Yogyakarta

Villahanis Boutique Hotel

Pondok Terra Villas

Losari Coffee Plantation Retreat & Spa

Amanjiwo Resort


Surabaya is the capital if East Java province, though it is a big city, it is popular as traveler destination as Surabaya is pretty close to other areas such as Malang, Batu and Mt Bromo. Surabaya was a very important city in the Dutch colonial period, that there are many old colonial building here. Read more interesting places, accommodations, and packages for Honeymoon in Surabaya.


Honeymoon Stay in Surabaya:

Majapahit Hotel

Singgasana Hotel

Equator Hotel


Batu and Malang are cold city less than two hours from Surabaya. They are located on a mountain slope with mild temperature with many interesting spots to visit, agrotourism, museum, natural attraction. From Batu/Malang, Mt Bromo is less than 2 hours. Read more interesting places, accommodations, and packages for Honeymoon in Batu/Malang.


Honeymoon Stay in Batu/Malang

Kartika Wijaya Hotel

Tugu Hotel

Ubud Hotel

Honeymoon Stay for Bromo/Ijen

Java Banana Bromo

Ijen Resort & Villas

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