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Yogyakarta Calendar of Events 2013

January 6 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Saparan Joyokusumo
Saparan Joyokusumo is traditional thanksgiving held by the community of Kalirejo village for the prosperity of the people. The ceremony is usually carried out in the complex of Prince Joyokusumo’s graveyard.

January 8 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Rebo Pungkasan Bantul
The local people of Wonokromo, in Pleret subdistrict of Bantul, hold a traditional rite expected to reject any disease and other calamities, and purposed to thank God for His mercy. The people plan to hold it on Tuesday night.

January 17 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Saparan Kalibuko 
Saparan Kalibuko is a traditional celebration held by the people of Kalirejo, Kakap, Kulonprogo. This ceremony relates to the pilgrimage story of Sunan Kalijaga and his followers when the spread Islam at Kulon Progo. In that pilgrimage moment they took a rest in Kalirejo and ate together as a pray for the prosperity of the community.

February 20 2013, Traditoinal Ceremony of Merti Dusun Dodogan
The local people of Dodogan will probably perform a thanksgiving ritual on Wednesday, 20 February 2013, in Dlingo subdistrict of Bantul. Starting with communal prayer in the house of the village’s chief, the procession of jodhag (the parade of bamboo stretchers holding the offering) proceeds to the local pond called Sendang Ayu where the offering is eventually given away to the crowd. This event ends wuth kenduri (ritual meal).

February 20-24 2013, Cultural Week Tionghoa
PBTY implemented Ketandan region that is location not far from Malioboro Yogyakarta within the framework of the Chinese New Year.

March 18 2013, Hindu Ceremony of Melasti
Hindu people celebrate Melasti by a Hindu prayer and offering disposal floated to the sea. It is purposed to develop the human relationship harmony and the inter-religion tolerance, to revive the attitude of oneself-control, and to develop the service to bath the religion and the country, they will perform this rite on Monday, 18 March 2013 in Parangkusuma beach of Parangtritis, in Kretek subdistrict of Bantul at about 1 a.m
March 5 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Ngalangi (Sedekah Laut)
Alms ceremony is a procession lifted ngalangi sea fish by using gawar wawar made from tree roots that spread nets anchored as Kedungwok hill and driven together into the sea by the local community. Wediombo beach, Village Jepitu, District Girisubo.

March 11 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Nyepi (Tawur Agung)
Supreme Tawur a ceremony to welcome Nyepi Day or New Year Saka. The procession begins with the Tawur Supreme Kesangan mendak tirta and circumambulation ceremony in the temple of Brahma, Wisnu, and Shiva in the complex temple of Prambanan. In this ceremony there will be a colossal dance performance and ogah-ogah. Held on March 11 2013 in Yogyakarta Prambanan Temple Complex.

April 27 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Merti Dusun Krebet
The ritual of Merty Dusun of Krebet constitutes a thanksgiving ceremony to thank God for His favor of good harvest, and from their life delivered from calamity. It is usually held on Saturday Legi in thre month of Jumadilakir. It will be held on 27 April 2013.

May 1-31 2013, Pilgrimage Goa Maria
The month of May is considered as the month for devotional tradition subjected to honor Mother Marry by Catholic believers. During this month Goa Maria Sendangsono, in Banjaroya, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo is usually visited by thousands of pilgrimages especially Chatolic believers from all over Indonesia. All activities devotional tradition are managed by St. Maria Lourdes Promasan Parochial.

May 15 2013, anniversary of Sleman’s Residence
The ceremony is conducted in order to commemorate the anniversary of Sleman’s residence.

May 31 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Mbah Bergas
The Ceremony of Mbah Bergas is performed in Hamlet village Ngino, Margoagung, Seyegan, Sleman. Organized depleted harvest and recalls the ideals Mbah Bregas.

May 27 2013, Anniversary Ceremony of Gunungkidul District
The ceremony is conducted in order to commemorate the anniversary of Gunung Kidul Regency in bangsal Sewoko Projo, Gunungkidul.

May 25 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Merti Dusun Mantub 
The local people of Mantub surroundings express their thanksfulness God for the safety and the daily food they have got by performing a thanksgiving ritual. They plan to carry it out on Saturday, 25 May 2013 in Baturetno village of Banguntapan subdistrict.

June 2013, Traditional Ceremony of wonosari
Traditional ceremony was accompanied by Reog and Puppet Stage. The event was held in June 2013 in the Village District Wonosari.

June 2 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Gubug Gede
Ceremonies held by the District Ngalang Ngawen, Guungkidul.

3rd and 4th June 2013, The Ceremony of Bhekti Pertiwi & Pisungsung Jaladri
Representing gratitude to God for the efficacious harvest and also meants as a plea for the next succesfull harvest and for safety of the tourists on their visit to parangtritis, it will be held on Monday and Tuesday 3rd and 4th June 2013, starts at around 11.00 a.m at the pendapa in Parangtritis village, subdistrict of Kretek.

9rd and 10th June 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Labuhan Merapi
Ceremonies Labuhan Merapi, which is an annual routine activity every 30 Rejeb in commemoration jumenengan Ndalem Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X. In order to invoke the protection and safety of the slopes of Merapi, Yogyakarta in particular and society in general.

June 9 2013, Yogyakarta Royal Offerings
The ritual of Yogyakarta royal offerings is held every the 30th of Rejeb (Javanese month). In this year it will be carried out on Sunday 9 June 2013, at about 08.00 a.m in Parangkusuma beach, Parangtritis, the subdistrict of Kretek, Bantul. This rite is purposed to realize the gratitude to God and to beg for salvation for Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

June 7 2013, Anniversary of the Yogyakarta City
Anniversary of the Yogyakarta City Government to 68 years.

June 16 2013, Jogo Kali Jogo Festival
Routine activities carried out in their communities Notoprajan, District Ngampilan, Winongo nriverside to keep clean the river and all around him.
Merti Code ceremonialis ceremony preservation of the river (Kali) code. Organized by the community, especially the northern part of Code incorporated in the container Northern Peoples Forum Code (FMCU).

July 1 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Kupatan Jolosutro
Held annually on Monday Legi in Javanese month of Ruwah, this rite took place in Jolosutro field, in the subdistrict of Piyungan. The ritual is aimed at expressing gratitude for God’s bessing for the successful harvest, sending prayer for the late religious leader Sunan Geseng, and preserving this esteemed legacy of culture. It will be held on 1 July 2013.

July 1 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Nyadran Makam Sewu
Nyadran Makam Sewu is the tradition by the people of Pajangan to send prayers for the late Mbah Bodho, a local religious leader and for his descendants buried in the same compound. It will take place on Monday, 1 July 2013 in the cemetery called Makam Sewu in Wijirejo, the subdistrict of Pandak.

July 20 2013, The Anniversary Ceremony of Bantul Regency
The birthday of Bantul will be celebrated on Saturday 20 July 2013 in Bantul city with a ceremony performed in Javanese Language, the participants of which wear Javanese traditional clothings of Yogyakarta style. The ceremony is enlivened with a parade of ‘Jodhangs’ (the Javanese traditional wooden containers) derived from all of the subdistricts in Bantul Regency.

July 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Nyadran Agung
Nyadran Agung is tradition of giving prayer for the ancestors spirits. The activity is usually held upcoming the Ramadhan at the Kulon Progo Regent’s Official House.

July 1 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Sadranan Gunung Gambar
Traditional ceremony in Gunung Gambar, Beji Villages, Jurangjero, Ngawen, Gunungkidul.

July 1 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Cing-Cing Goling
Traditional ceremony to Gedangan village safety. It is held by the people of Gedangrejo, Karangmojo, Gunungkidul.

August 11 2013, The Fishermen’s Offerings of Pandansimo
a ritual of thanksgiving for good catch and for safety at the sea, carried out by Pandansimo people, presents the sea offerings procession including a fishing game, a fish cooking contest and the local folk art. It will be held on Sunday, 11 August 2013 at 11 a.m, at Pandansimo beach in Poncosari village the Srandakan subdistrict.

August 11 2013, Traditional Ceremony Logantung
Traditional ceremony at Sedang Beji Logantung, Sumberejo District Semin

August 10-11 2013, Performing Arts Lebaran Holidays 2013
Music or traditional dance performances to entertaint visitors of Kulon Progo’s tourist places on holiday seassion of Eid 2013.

August 18 2013, Ceremony of Merti Golong Giling Dipowinatan
This traditional ceremony held in order to build a spirit of determination as well as maintain the unity and togetherness Dipowinatan citizens.

August 14 2013, Kampung Wisata Pandeyan Grebeg Ba’da Kupat
Before Carnival Gunungan Kupat held, in the morning carried Merti Dusun with clean village. Carnival Kupat Mountains consisting of Gunungan Kakung and Putri accompanied bergodo lombok abang soldier, jathilan arts, lion dance and traditional music.

August 2013, Traditional Ceremony at Babad Dalan Sodo
Traditional ceremony at Sodo village, Paliyan subdistrict, Gunungkidul.

September 2013, Traditional Ceremony at Nglangeran
Traditional ceremony at Nglangeran, Patuk subdistrict, Gunungkidul.

September 6 2013, Traditional Ceremony Ki Ageng Tunggul Wulung
Ceremony Tunggul Wulung begins Friday 6 September 2013 at 20:00 p.m with performances uyon-uyon from the local community, followed by a procession taking holy water from the Sendang Beji. The water is then paraded and is buried in the village Hall Sendangagung.

September 20 2013, Traditional Ceremony Tuk Si Bedug
Tuk Sibedug ceremonial procession carried the culture of the village hall leading to the guesthouse Sunan Margodadi Kalijaga Grogol Margodadi. At the rest house was then performed, followed by a ceremony penebaran udik-udik. The series continued with a ceremony on the field Mranggen ceremonial dance with popular attractions as well as the distribution of food typical of ‘cethil’ and the water ‘Tirto true’ to the tourist.

September 7-8 2013
Jogja International Street Performance

September 16-17 2013
Jogja International Heritage Walk

October 1-31 2013, Rosary Pilgrimage Month
Goa Maria Sendangsono, Banjaroya, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo. October is considered as the month of Rosary, as devational tradition month subjected to honor Mother Mary by Catholic believers through rosary pray. During this month, Goa Maria Sendangsono in Banjaroya, Kalibawang, Kulonprogo is usually visited by thousands of pilgrimage especially Catholic believers from all over Indonesia. All activities related to the devotional tradition are managed by St. Maria Lourdes Promasan Parochial.

October 20 2013, World Food Day
October 16 has been declared as World Food Day by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Community of Sendangsono celebrates the World Food Dayby performing traditional drumming music festival and agricultural products in the complex of Goa Maria Sendangsono.

October 7 2013, Anniversary of the city of Yogyakarta
October 2013, Anniversary of the city of Kulonprogo
Alun – alun Wates, Selasa Pahing 15 October 2013. Regular activity of kite flyer competition by kite flyers communities.

October 2013, Festival Kite
Regular activity of kite flyer competition by kite flyers communities.

November 4 2013, The Descent Of Mahesa Sura
The rite of tumuruning Mahesa Sura( the descent of an unreal buffalo called Mahesa Sura) is purposed to thank god for the favor of fertile land, and to beg for His blessing of good harvest in the following days. This ritual event will be performed on Monday, 4 November 2013 at 08.00 p.m in Samas Beach, Srigading village, the subdistrict of Sanden, Bantul.

November 4 2013, Malam 1 Syura
Traditional ceremony to celebrate Islam New Year – Hijriyah and Javanese New Year Saka

November 5 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Jamasan Pusaka Suroloyo
Jamasan Pusaka (Washing Relic) is traditional ceremony held at Suroloyo, Gerbosari, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo. There are two relics to be washe : Kyai Manggala Dewa and Songsong Manggal Murti.

November 10 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Labuhan Bekti Jalanidhi
The people of Srigading village, in Sanden subdistrict is going to perform the ritual of Bekti Jalanidhi on Sunday 10 November 2013. It will start at 9 a.m with a procession from Srigading village – meeting hall in Sanden subdistrict to Samas beach. At the beach, they drop the offering in the from of buffalo-head completed with some other ritual materials. They conclude it with a ritual meal.

November 19 2013, The Ceremony of Labuhan Hondodento
The ritual of Labuhan Hondodento is carried out to thank God for His favor of good life and to beg for safety. Usually conducted in the 15th of Sura (Javanese month), this rite will be done on Tuesday 10 November 2013 in Parangkusuma beach, Parangtritis, the subdistrict of Kretek, Bantul at 07.00 a.m

November 5 2013, The Ceremony of Ruwatan Gunung Lanang
Ruwatan Gunung Lanang is traditional ceremony which especially held to bring prosperity and safety. The tradition is usually held every Javanese New Year (1 Syura), wayang puppet show will be performed in the night and after that sea offerings at Congot Beach in the morning.

November 12 2013, The Ceremony of Nggumbregi
Nggumbregi is traditional ceremony held in Karanggede, Jatimulyo, Girimulyo, Kulon Progoas thanksgiving to the God for the livelihoods especially cattles such as cow, buffalo, goat, etc, and for the prosperity of the people.

November 12 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Ki Daruno Nyai Daruni
Traditional ceremony held by people of Bugel as thanksgiving to ask helaty, prosperity and preventing from calamity and disaster.

November 12 2013, The Ceremony of Labuhan Hajad Dalem Pura Pakualaman
Labuhan Hajad Dalem Pura Pakualaman is traditional ceremony held by the Royal Family of Pura Pakualaman. This Labuhan is kind of offerings held in the Glagah beach by procession to the sea with goal for prosperity. Clothes and things belonged to the family are things included on the offerings.

November 21 2013, The Ceremony of Sedekah Laut Minabahari 45
The ritual event of Mina Bahari 45 will be performed on Thursday 21 November 2013. It is commenced at 01.00 p.m at the ‘pendapa’ (the front part of Javanese mansion) of Depok Beach. Initiated with a prayer, the ritual meal is carried out by the local people. It is concluded by floating the offerings away to the sea. The ritual is an expression of thanksfulness of the people to God for His favor of good fish catch. It is also people’s hope to beseech for daily meals for the following year.

November 21 2013, Culture Parade of Imogiri
This year the culture parade of Imogiri will be performed on Thursday 21 November 2013. Started at 01.00 p.m it will take place from the front yard of Imogiri subdistrict office towards the yard of Pajimatan bus station. This event constitutes a preceding part of the ritual series of Nguras Enceh (Nguras Kong) on the following day.

November 21 2013, The Ceremony of Nguras Enceh
Such ritual ceremony will be held on Friday 22 November 2013 at the Imogiri Royal Cemetery. At about 08.00 a.m the prescribed people perform themselves to cleanse the holy pitchers, the water from which is exploited by the visitors as a good-fortune-bearer. The ritual is preceded with a prayer by the cemetery caretakers.

December 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Taruban Tuksono Village
Traditional ceremony held by people of Taruban as thanksgiving for the good harvests.

December 31 2013, Performing a New Year’s Eve Firework 2014
A celebration to welcome New Year 2014

December 8 2013, Traditional Ceremony of Merti Bumi Tunggul Arum
Traditional ceremony conducted in the Tunggul Arum village in order to applying safety.

TPA Talang Agung Malang

Talang Agung village in Malang has been an independent village since December 2012. About 2500 environment activists turned up for the official opening. Talang village is the first self suffice energy village in Indonesia. This village could generate energy from litter management.
There is no more heap of garbage in this village for litters in this village have been well managed. The garbages are processed to be energy and fertilizer which can be utilized by the society. The energy produced is more than enough for local need. Also other output of the process can be used for various needs. There is no smell, dirty as usually we think about garbage.
This village’s activity is supported by KAPAL Jatim (Kenduri Agung Pengabdi Lingkungan).

2013 Karapan Sapi (Bull Race) Schedule

Date Regency District Day Time
08 September 2013 Bangkalan Tanah Merah Sunday 09.00
10 September 2013 Bangkalan Galis Tuesday 09.00
12 September 2013 Bangkalan Sepulu Thursday 09.00
14 September 2013 Bangkalan Arosbaya Saturday 09.00
15 September 2013 Bangkalan Socah Sunday 09.00
06 October 2013 Bangkalan Regency Race Sunday 09.00


Date Regency District Day Time
08 September 2013 Sampang Pangarengan Sunday 09.00
10 September 2013 Sampang Kedungdung Tuesday 09.00
15 September 2013 Sampang Ketapang Sunday 09.00
22 September 2013 Sampang Sampang Sunday 09.00
06 October 2013 Sampang Regency Race Sunday 09.00



Date Regency District Day Time
08 September 2013 Pamekasan Waru Sunday 09.00
10 September 2013 pamekasan Pengantenan Tuesday 09.00
15 September 2013 Pamekasan Galis Sunday 09.00
22 September 2013 pamekasan pamekasan Sunday 09.00
06 October 2013 pamekasan Regency Race Sunday 09.00
Date Regency District Day Time
08 September 2013 Sumenep Bluto Sunday 09.00
09 September 2013 Sumenep Pasongsongan Monday 09.00
10 September 2013 Sumenep Nonggunong Tuesday 09.00
11 September 2013 Sumenep Batu Putih Wednesday 09.00
12 September  2013 Sumenep Guluk Guluk Thursday 09.00
15 September 2013 Sumenep Sumenep City Sunday 09.00
06 October 2013 Sumenep Regency Race Sunday 09.00



Date Location Event Day Time
19 October 2013 Pamekasan Sape Sono Saturday 09.00
20 October 2013 Pamekasan Bull Race Sunday 09.00

Train Schedule in Java, Indonesia

73 Gumarang Surabaya Pasar Turi 14.30 Jakarta Pasar Senen 06.17 Bojonegoro, Cepu, Semarang Tawang, Pekalongan, Tegal, Cirebon, Jatinegara
74 Gumarang Jakarta Pasar Senen 14.45 Surabaya Pasar Turi 06.45 Jatinegara, Cirebon, Tegal, Pekalogan, Semarang Tawang, Cepu, Bojonegoro, Lamongan
75 Lodaya Solo Balapan 08.30 Bandung 17.40 Klaten, Tugu Yogyakarta, Wates, Kutoarjo, Kebumen, Karanganyar, Gombong,Kroya, Banjar,Tasikmalaya
76 Lodaya Bandung 08.00 Solo Balapan 17.13 Tasikmalaya, Banjar, Kroya, Gombong,Karanganyar, Kebumen, Kutoarjo, Wates, Tugu Yogyakarta, Klaten
77 Lodaya Solo Balapan 20.30 Bandung 05.41 Klaten, Tugu Yogyakarta, Wates, Kutoarjo, Kebumen, Karanganyar, Gombong, Kroya, Banjar, Tasikmalaya
78 Lodaya Bandung 20.00 Solo Balapan 05.10 Tasikmalaya, Banjar, Kroya, Gombong, Karanganyar, Kebumen, Kutoarjo, Wates, Tugu Yogyakarta, Klaten
79 Mutiara Timur Surabaya Gubeng 09.15 Banyuwangi 15.56 Wonokromo, Sidoarjo, Bangil, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Jatiroto, Rambipuji, Jember, Kalisat, Kalibaru, Kalisetail, Temuguruh, Rogojampi, Krenceng
80 Mutiara Timur Banyuwangi 09.00 Surabaya Gubeng 15.24 Krenceng, Rogojampi, Temuguruh, Kalisetail, Kalibaru, Kalisat, Jember, Rambipuji, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Bangil, Sidoarjo, Wonokromo
81 Mutiara Timur Surabaya Gubeng 22.35 Banyuwangi 04.57 Sidoarjo, Bangil, Probolinggo, Rambipuji, Jember, Kalisat, Kalibaru, Kalisetail, Temuguruh, Rogojampi, Krenceng
82 Mutiara Timur Banyuwangi 22.20 Surabaya Gubeng 04.53 Krenceng, Rogojampi, Temuguruh, Kalisetail, Kalibaru, Kalisat, Jember, Rambipuji, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Bangil, Sidoarjo
83/86 Purwojaya Cilacap 18.30 Jakarta Gambir 06.30 Maos, Kroya, Purwokerto, Bekasi, Jatinegara
84/85 Purwojaya Jakarta Gambir 05.45 Cilacap 13.10 Jatinegara, Purwokerto, Kroya
87 Sancaka Surabaya Gubeng 07.00 Yogyakarta 12.20 Jombang, Kertosono, Madiun, Sragen, Solo Balapan, Klaten
88 Sancaka Yogyakarta 16.00 Surabaya Gubeng 22.04 Klaten, Solo Balapan, Madiun, Kertosono, Jombang
89 Sancaka Surabaya Gubeng 15.00 Tugu Yogyakarta 20.23 Kertosono, Madiun, Solo Balapan, Klaten
90 Sancaka Tugu Yogyakarta 07.15 Surabaya Gubeng 12.33 Klaten, Solo Balapan, Sragen, Madiun, Kertosono
91 Cirebon Ekspres Cirebon 06.15 Jakarta Gambir 09.16 Jatibarang, Haurgeulis, Jatinegara
92 Cirebon Ekspres Jakarta Gambir 06.00 Cirebon 08.56 Jatinegara, Jatibarang
93 Cirebon Ekspres Tegal 06.00 Jakarta Gambir 10.38 Brebes, Cirebon, Jatinegara
94 Cirebon Ekspres Jakarta Gambir 09.35 Cirebon 12.35 Jatinegara, Haurgeulis, Jatibarang
95 Cirebon Ekspres Cirebon 10.00 Jakarta Gambir 12.58 Jatibarang, Jatinegara
96 Cirebon Ekspres Jakarta Gambir 11.00 Tegal 15.43 Jatinegara, Jatibarang, Cirebon, Brebes
97 Cirebon Ekspres Cirebon 15.15 Jakarta Gambir 18.12 Jatibarang, Jatinegara
98 Cirebon Ekspres Jakarta Gambir 13.15 Cirebon 16.15 Jatinegara, Jatibarang
99 Cirebon Ekspres Tegal 16.10 Jakarta Gambir 21.10 Brebes, Cirebon, Jatibarang, Jatinegara
100 Cirebon Ekspres Jakarta Gambir 18.30 Tegal 23.04 Jatinegara, Haurgeulis, Jatibarang, Cirebon, Brebes
101 Senja Kediri Kediri 17:00 Jakarta Pasar Senen 06:45 Kertosono, Nganjuk, Caruban, Madiun, Paron, Walikukun, Sragen, Solo Jebres, Semarang Tawang Jerakah, Pekalongan, Tegal, Cirebon, Bekasi, Jatinegara
102 Senja Kediri Jakarta Pasar Senen 15:00 Kediri 04:00 Jatinegara, Bekasi, Cirebon, Tegal, Pekalongan, Jerakah, Semarang Tawang, Solo Jebres, Sragen, Walikukun, Paron, Madiun, Caruban, Nganjuk, Kertosono
113 Mutiara Selatan Surabaya Gubeng 16.00 Bandung 06.15 Wonokromo, Mojokerto, Jombang, Kertosono, Nganjuk, Madiun, Solo Balapan, Tugu Yogyakarta, Karanganyar ,Banjar, Ciamis, Tasikmalaya
114 Mutiara Selatan Bandung 17.00 Surabaya Gubeng 06.41 Tasikmalaya, Ciamis, Banjar, Kroya, Karanganyar, Tugu Yogyakarta, Solo Balapan, Madiun, Nganjuk, Kertosono, Jombang, Mojokerto, Wonokromo
113 Senja Utama Solo Solo Balapan 18.00 Jakarta Pasar Senen 04.02 Klaten, Tugu Yogyakarta, Gombong, Karanganyar, Purwokerto, Cirebon, Jatinegara
114 Senja Utama Solo Jakarta Pasar Senen 20.30 Solo Balapan 06.22 Jatinegara, Cirebon, Prupuk, Purwokerto, Karanganyar, Tugu Yogyakarta, Klaten
115 Fajar Utama Yogya Tugu Yogyakarta 08.00 Jakarta Pasar Senen 16.45 Wates, Karanganyar, Purwokerto, Cirebon, Bekasi, Jatinegara
116 Fajar Utama Yogya Jakarta Pasar Senen 06.20 Tugu Yogyakarta 14.45 Jatinegara, Cirebon, Purwokerto, Kroya, Karanganyar, Wates
117 Senja Utama Yogya Tugu Yogyakarta 18.30 Jakarta Pasar Senen 03.45 Wates, Kebumen, Karanganyar, Purwokerto, Cirebon, Jatinegara
118 Senja Utama Yogya Jakarta Pasar Senen 19.20 Tugu Yogyakarta 04.27 Jatinegara, Cirebon, Prupuk, Purwokerto, Karanganyar, Wates
119 Sawunggalih Utama Kutoarjo 07.00 Jakarta Pasar Senen 14.14 Kebumen, Karanganyar, Gombong, Kroya, Purwokerto, Cirebon, Bekasi, Jatinegara
120 Sawunggalih Utama Jakarta Pasar Senen 19.00 Kutoarjo 03.03 Jatinegara, Cirebon, Purwokerto, Kroya, Gombong, Karanganyar, Kebumen
121 Sawunggalih Utama Kutoarjo 19.00 Jakarta Pasar Senen 02.37 Kebumen, Karanganyar, Gombong, Kroya, Purwokerto, Cirebon, Jatinegara
122 Sawunggalih Utama Jakarta Pasar Senen 08.15 Kutoarjo 15.47 Jatinegara, Bekasi, Cirebon, Purwokerto, Kroya, Gombong, Karanganyar, Kebumen
123 Senja Utama Semarang Semarang Tawang 20.00 Jakarta Pasar Senen 03.10 Weleri, Pekalongan, Pemalang, Tegal, Jatinegara
124 Senja Utama Semarang Jakarta Pasar Senen 19.10 Semarang Tawang 02.48 Jatinegara, Cirebon, Tegal, Pemalang, Pekalongan, Weleri
125 Fajar Utama Semarang Semarang Tawang 08.00 Jakarta Pasar Senen 14.55 Weleri, Pekalongan, Pemalang, Tegal, Cirebon, Jatinegara
126 Fajar Utama Semarang Jakarta Pasar Senen 07.15 Semarang Tawang 14.30 Jatinegara, Cirebon, Tegal, Pekalongan, Weleri
19A Argo Parahyangan Bandung 05.30 Jakarta Gambir 08.43 Cimahi, Purwakarta, Jatinegara
20A Argo Parahyangan Jakarta Gambir 05.45 Bandung 09.08 Jatinegara, Bekasi, Purwakarta, Cimahi
21A Argo Parahyangan Bandung 06.30 Jakarta Gambir 09.55 Cimahi, Padalarang, Purwakarta Bekasi, Jatinegara
22A Argo Parahyangan Jakarta Gambir 09.15 Bandung 12.38 Jatinegara, Bekasi, Cimahi
23A Argo Parahyangan Bandung 11.30 Jakarta Gambir 15.02 Cimahi, Padalarang, Purwakarta, Bekasi, Jatinegara
24A Argo Parahyangan Jakarta Gambir 11.30 Bandung 14.58 Jatinegara, Bekasi, Purwakarta, Cimahi
25A Argo Parahyangan Bandung 14.35 Jakarta Gambir 17.48 Cimahi,Bekasi, Jatinegara
26A Argo Parahyangan Jakarta Gambir 16.35 Bandung 19.39 Jatinegara, Bekasi, Purwakarta, Cimahi
27A Argo Parahyangan Bandung 16.30 Jakarta Gambir 19.52 Cimahi, Purwakarta, Bekasi, Jatinegara
28A Argo Parahyangan Jakarta Gambir 19.00 Bandung 22.26 Jatinegara, Bekasi, Cimahi
29A Argo Parahyangan Bandung 20.05 Jakarta Gambir 23.30 Bekasi, Jatinegara
30A Argo Parahyangan Jakarta Gambir 20.25 Bandung 23.46 Jatinegara, Bekasi, Purwakarta
7061 Malabar Ekspress Malang 15.30 Bandung 08.37 Blitar, Tulungagung, Kediri, Kertosono, Nganjuk, Madiun, Solo, Klaten, Yogya, Wates, Kebumen, Banjar, Tasik
7062 Malabar Ekspress Bandung 15.30 Malang 08.11 Blitar, Tulungagung, Kediri, Kertosono, Nganjuk, Madiun, Solo, Klaten, Yogya, Wates, Kebumen, Banjar, Tasik
7063 (Mon-Fri) Argo Parahyangan Bandung 08.45 Jakarta Gambir 11.58 Cimahi, Bekasi, Jatinegara
7064 (Mon-Fri) Argo Parahyangan Jakarta Gambir 13.30 Bandung 16.47 Jatinegara, Bekasi, Cimahi
7065 (Mon) Argo Parahyangan Bandung 04.00 Jakarta Gambir 07.23 Bekasi, Jatinegara
7066 (Mon) Argo Parahyangan Jakarta Gambir 08.30 Bandung 11.43 Jatinegara, Bekasi
7067 Argo Parahyangan Bandung 13.30 Jakarta Gambir 17.05 Cimahi, Bekasi, Jatinegara
7068 Argo Parahyangan Jakarta Gambir 17.40 Bandung 20.55 Jatinegara, Bekasi

Sidomulyo Village; Village of Flowers, Batu, East Java, Indonesia

Sidomulyo is one of agrotourism spot in Batu. There are more than 1000 of flowers cultivated here that this village is also popular as 1000 flowers village. It is located only 8 km from Batu city center.

From far away the colorful vista can be seen. As the farm flower is very large that this consists of 3 hamlets, Tinjumoyo, Tonggolari and Sukorembung. You can find rose, sakura, agape, pines, hibiscus, chrysantemum, orchids and many more.

In this village you can enjoy picking flower and learn to grow flower from planting, watering until the flowers bloom and ready to sell. The locals will be gladly accompany guest to look around and explain about flower farming.

This village is located on 1100 m asl, that i has nice mild weather and nice scenery. Walking around the environment will make you relax and rejuvenate.


2013 East Java Callendar of Event

Jalani Dipuja Ceremony
This ceremony is held to express thanksgiving to the Almighty God by launching offering of food crops into the sea.
Location : Balekambang Beach, Malang Regency

13 February
Peta Colossal Drama
It is held to commemorate PETA (Motherland Defence), a rebellion against Japan’s
colonialism in Blitar in 1945 led by Sudanco Soeprijadi. The colossal drama aims to honor the heroes and cultural values for the youngsters.
Location : PETA monument – Blitar

23 March
The Election of Mr. And Miss East Java 2013 (Raka – Raki)
Improving the professionalism of talented young generation in culture and tourism as well as supporting East Java Government program. East Java Government Culture
and Tourism Service holds an annual election of tourism ambassador of East
Java, Raka – Raki, which is participated by 38 Regencies/Cities in East Java. This event
is also expected to promote local tourism and to generate tourist visit to East Java.
Location : Surabaya

16 – 19 May
Majapahit Travel Fair (MTF)
Positioning East Java in the World Tourism map as one of the National and International tourist destinations, East Java Government Culture and Tourism Service Collaborates with related tourism industry and tourism association to hold annual MTF on 16 – 19 May 2013 in Surabaya. The program Includes Business meeting, Seminar, Tourism exhibition, Familiarization trip, Cultural festival and various competition.
Location : Grand City – Surabaya

1 – 31 May
Surabaya Shopping Festival
Surabaya shopping festival is a big sale offered by malls and shopping centers
throughout Surabaya city. Indonesian people and tourists enjoy shopping during this
season, as big discounts are offered. Location : Malls, and amusement centres in

26 May
Anniversary of Lamongan Regency
Lamongan Regency parade is designed to celebrate the Anniversary of Lamongan Regency. It is participated by sub-districts and the whole Government Institutions in Lamongan Regency.
The event includes :
1. Cultural parade
2. Carnival
3. Ludruk performance
4.Dance and Mocopat festival (Javanese song)
Location : Lamongan Town Square

31 May – 1 June
Grebeg Pancasila (The Anniversary of Pancasila)
It is an art and cultural event held by the Government of Blitar City to commemorate the anniversary of Pancasila. The ceremony start from Dalem Gebang, (the place where first Indonesian President Soekarno lived) and finishes in the Mayor office. The cultural ceremony held in the town square followed by five Gunungan carnival (cone of rice combined by Javanese food) symbolizing the five principles of Pancasila. Gunungan guarded by one knight, six knights and forty five knights expressing the first time of Pancasila was declared in June 1st 1945.
Location : Blitar town square and
Tomb of Bung Karno

Culture and Float Parade.
Float parade and long march commences the events of the 719 th Surabaya City Anniversary. It starts from Jl. Pahlawan and finishes at the City Hall. The float parade performs various art and cultural attractions from many cities in Indonesia.
Location : Heroes Monument – Surabaya City Hall.

Rujak Ulek Festival
Rujak Uleg is traditional food originally from Surabaya. It is very popular among Surabaya people and tourists. This festival will be enlivened by thousands of people
making Rujak Uleg together in the same time with their own uniqueness . During
this festival, a 1,5 meter wide giant mortar will be presented.
Location : Kembang Jepun Street,Surabaya.

1-15 June
Piodalan Ceremony
It is an anniversary ceremony which performs traditional arts from Java and Bali. The event was visited by many tourists from Bali and other areas on the island of Java.
Location : Pura Mandharagiri Semeru Agung, Lumajang

16-25 June
Culture and Tourism Fair
It is an annual event packaged in the form of cultural performances, preceded with a colossal folk drama, continued with a cultural performance of various local cultures
participated by Kediri people and from other Regencies/Cities of East Java. Tourism and
Industry exhibition is also held to highlight the program.
Location : Front Yard of Kediri Government Office and Simpang Lima Gumul

19 June
East Java Culinary Festival
To introduce the East Java Special cuisine Nationally and Internationally and to expect that the menus can be served at hotel and restaurant. East Java Government Culture and Tourism Service annually holds this festival as one of the tourist atractions. It is participated by hotels and restaurants through out East Java.
Location : Surabaya

20 June
Anniversary of Madiun
The activity to commemorate the anniversary of Madiun, the event includes: Party, ceremonial anniversary, Cultural Parade and Exhibition.
Location : Madiun City

June – July
Semipro Week Event
It Is a one week event organized annually by the government of Probolinggo to accommodate the local culture to be prestigious tourist attractions such as Bull races and Goat races.
Location : Probolinggo

23 – 24 July
Yadnya Kasada Ceremony
It is an annual traditional ceremony held by Tenggerese taking place on 14th night of the 10th month in Javanese calendar. According to Tenggerese, Yadnya Kasada is a Holy Sacrification by offering food crops and animals into Bromo Crater. The offering commemorates the last child of Raden Joko Seger and Roro Anteng named Raden Kusuma who was sacrified and thrown into the crater. Every year Tenggerese must provide offering as a grateful expression to God for the blessing given. Raden Kusuma
sacrified himself as the offering into Holy Caldera of Bromo in order to keep Tenggerese’s safety and prosperity.
Series of Kasada Event in Hindu Temple (Pura Luhur Poten), Tosari Village Pasuruan includes :
1. Rakan Tawang and Mepek
2. Tayub Dance
3. Ritual Offering Ceremony to the Bromo Crater
Location : Hindu Temple (Pura Luhur Poten), Tosari Village Pasuruan

Series of Kasada Event in Village Hall of Ngadisari Probolinggo includes :
1. Traditional Dance of Roro Anteng and Joko Seger
2. Shaman inauguration
3. Ritual Offering Ceremony to the Bromo Crater

31 July
Anniversary of Kwan Sing Tee Koen
In order to commemorate the birth of KONGCO, KWAN SING TEE Koen, the god of Pagoda KWAN SING BIO in Tuban. Various rituals for the Confucian people include: Praying together, god worship parade around the city followed by Liongsai and Lion Dance, also entertainment for the public including: stage performance and puppets shadow show.
Location : Tuban

Cross Cultural Festival
This event performs various arts and cultures from cities throughout Indonesia and
sister cities of Surabaya such as Korea, Japan,Malaysia and some other countries.
Location : Surabaya.

Remo and Yosakoi Festival
Remo is a traditional dance originally from Surabaya. It is usually staged on the ceremonial events to welcome guests.
Location : Bungkul Park Surabaya.

G-Walk Festival
It is an art & cultural performance held by the committee of G-Walk culinary center located in the elite real estate, Citraland.
Location : Surabaya.

Surabaya Juang Struggle
This event is held to commemorate the Heroic day of November 10, 1945 by performing jeep parade, fragment of November 10, 1945 struggle and symphony for nation.
Location : Tunjungan Street and Heroes Monument.

Sarangan Offering Festival
It is an annual event held to conserve the history and culture of Lake Sarangan. It is also aims to commemorate the time when the lake Sarangan was formed, by arranging
the events :
• Ritual Village purification
• Ritual offerings & Float
Procession of Gono Odor Tumpeng (rice cone)
• Reog performance, Marching Band, Lion dance, and other dances
• Fragment of Sarangan
• Live Music Entertainment
Location : Lake Sarangan – Magetan

July – September
Sapi Sono (Ornamental Cow Contest)
Sapi Sono contest is held before bull race starts. Sapi Sono is a pair of elaborately ornamental cows controlled by a jockey to follow the sound of music stepping toward to the gateway. Wearing fully ornamented clothes and accessories the bulls look unique and beautiful. They are accompanied with sronen traditional music.
Location : Sampang Stadium.

25 August 
Jember Fashion Carnaval 
Jember Fashion Carnival is an international fashion carnival with the longest 3,6 km catwalk in the world. The fashion is designed, done and performed by Indonesian people using recycled materials.
Location : Jember Town Square
Time : 12.00 – 17.00 WIB

Ski Lot (Mud Skiing)
A traditional sport activity done by Lekok fishermen is held every year after the seventh day of Idul Fitri or widely known as Hari Raya Ketupat.
Location : Lekok Sub – District. Pasuruan

Bull Race
It is a Madurese traditional and photogenic art that was developed and preserved by the people of Wonorejo, Pasuruan. Performed every 17th August on the ground of Wonorejo, the race is to enliven the Indonesian Independence Day.
Location : Pasuruan

Okol Arm Wrestling Festival
Okol is traditional arm wrestling held by Setro village community located about + 20 km from Gresik city. This event aims to welcome harvest season participated by village teenagers and shepherds.
Location : Setro village, Menganti Subdistrict, Gresik.

2 September – 19 October
Sapi Sono (Ornamental Cow Contest)
See July – September
Location : Pamekasan

8, 12, 15, 22 September, 20 October (Grand Final)
Bull Race
Bull race originally comes from Madura and becomes a folk festival from time to time. It is usually held  after the harvest season to express gratefulness of good harvest. Bull race for Madurese becomes a pride which cannot be separated from their culture, particularly for the owner. It is annually held to win the trophy of President of Republic of Indonesia. The grand final will be the summit competition usually called as “Gubeng Bull Race”. The race itself consists of a couple of bulls contested for their speed controlled by a jockey known as Tukang Tongkok sitting on the beam of bracket called “Kaleles”. Before
entering the race arena, the two bulls are equipped with Kaleles and Panggonong tied up
between those two bulls and even equipped with cloths like a couple of bride and bridegroom, accompanied with seronen music, and traditional musical instrument like gamelan.
Location : Waru Sub-distrcit, Pengantenan Subdistrict, Galis Sub-district, Pamekasan Subdistrict, R. Soenarto stadium Pamekasan, Bangkalan, Sumenep, Sampang.

18 October
Tourism Award Night
Tourism award is held by the Government of East Java Province to accelerate the
tourism development in the regencies and cities. It is one of the efforts to stimulate the local government to build up tourism infranstructure, accesibility, Amenities and conserve the local wisdom.
Location : Surabaya

19 October
One Night in Madura
One night in Madura features traditional arts from 4 regencies in Madura Island. Visitors can also see handicraft and traditional food exhibition. This event aims to promote
potential products of Madura and to support local economic empowerment process as well as to develop investment particularly in tourism sector. It is held in October (one day before the Grand Final of Bull Race).
Location : Pamekasan City Town Square.

30 October – 4 November
Grebeg Suro Celebration and National Reyog Festival
•To welcome or to commemorate 1 Muharram 1434 H (Moslem New Year)
• National Reyog Festival XX
Location : Ponorogo

BEC (Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival)
A special attraction of carnival with the theme of ethnic by using Traditional Contemporary Banyuwangi costumes. It is one of the alternatives to empower art and culture that have grown and developed in the community and performed in a very
spectacular parade.
Location : Banyuwangi

Fashion on the River
It is one of the activities to increase the number of visitors to Pasuruan. Kejayan Fashion on the River is unique and different. The fashion features a variety of creative world designs and paraded it by using bamboo raft on the river. Location : Pasuruan

The Anniversary of East Java Province
To celebrate the anniversary of East Java Province, the Government stages art and cultural performances in Grahadi Mansion. This event aims to commemorate the historical event in the past,keep alive the culture and develop tourism, and exhibit the main products.
Location : Grahadi Mansion and Grand City Convex, Surabaya

October – November
Waranggana Graduation
Waraggana (singers) Graduation has a purpose to lift up the prestige of Tayub dancers. It has been held since 1987, on Friday Pahing, Bulan Besar (Javanese calendar) located in Tanjung Anom sub district, Nganjuk Regency. This event is to inaugurate the Waranggana who have graduated from Ulah Bekso and Ulah Suara, having capability of dancing and singing at least 10 types. The ceremony uses Javanese traditional language and Javanese traditional costumes. They use various kinds of the ceremony ornaments such as big jar, flower, stoles, incense, Javanese percussion etc. Having graduated and having license, the Warangganas are eligible to participate in Langen Tayub shows.
Location : Langen Tayub Anjuk Ladang Hermitage, Sambirejo village Tanjunganom Sub district, Ngajuk Regency

15 November – 26 December
Anniversary of Mojokerto Regency
The annual activity to commemorate Month of Suro (Javanese calendar) and the anniversary of Mojopahit kingdom by arranging the events:
• Jaranan dance and Bull festivals
• Traditional dance
• Purify the water spring
• Carnival of Majapahit soldier
• Culinary exhibition
• Products Exhibition
• Mocopat (Javaness Song) festival
• Mass circumcision
• Grand reception followed by Puppet show performance
Location : Mojokerto Regency

Kelud Festival
An activity in order to promote tourism, arts and cultural appreciation of Kediri Regency by organizing the events such as:
• Ritual offerings ceremony
• Art performance
• Superior Products Exhibition for small and medium businesses
• Various competitions
Location : Kediri

Sedudo Bathing Ceremony
Siraman Sedudo, bathing at Sedudo waterfall, has been annually held since the Majapahit era and also known as Prana Prathista ceremony. The village figures decide the exact date of the ceremony every Suro month, the Javanese calendar. The ceremony is enlivened with cultural performances by 6 sacred virgin dancers with long hair. It is participated bythe regent, people’s representatives and people figures bringing incense and flowers to be showed on Sedudo waterfall’s lake. It is believed that those taking a bath in Sedudo especially in Suro month can get a blessing, safety, power and keep young.
Location : Sedudo Waterfall Nganjuk Regency

1 December
Mojokerto Art Festival
Mojokerto Art Festival is held by the Mojokerto artists which combine between traditional and modern art featuring, dance, live music, and art decorations, to improve the artist creativity.
Location : Mojokerto

15 December
Anniversary of Lumajang
This procession is an event to celebrate Lumajang anniversary. This event is based on background history of the royal coronation of Naraya Kirana as the king of Lumajang by Wisnuwardhana (King Singosari IV) in the year 1255 AD. This activity is also enlivened with the carnival culture and performances by local artists.
Location : Lumajang

The 71st Commemoration of De Ruyter on Java Sea, 27 February 2013

The 2013 Commemoration of battle on Java Sea was the second commemoration  on the exact coordinate where De Ruyter  was sunk. On 2012 it was held on Express Bahari 1C, but on February 27th this year, it was undertaken on Anugrah 01.

De Ruyter 2013Anugrah 01 led by Capt Yunus departed at 18.00 on February 26 from Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya, and reached the sea location, 06 º00′ SW/112º EL, at 08.30 and the ceremony started at 09.00 to 09.45 am on February 27th 2013.  The ceremony was led by Mr. Intrias Herlistiarto and opened by speech from the group leader and also the chairman of Vereniging van Overlevenden & Nabestaanden (V.O.N), Mr. Joop Nahuijsen. Each participant of the ceremony gave speech. One of the speech was spoken by Mr.Nanang Purwono from JTV. He stated that he was impressed by the ceremony as it could bring friendship among nations, especially between Indonesia and The Netherlands, and he added that the Mr Joop Nahuijsen’s persistent attitute and respect to heroes and his father, Antonie Nahuijsen who was a Navy-telegraphist of De Ruyter,  should be a good example for young generations.

On 27 February 1942, the Allies and The Japanese were involved in a battle. The Dutch Indies suffered great lost as its three ships : De Ruyter, Kortenaer dan De Java,  sunk by The Japanese attack. Some hundreds of Dutch and Allies sailors died in this battle.

Mr Joop Nahuijsen  stated that V.O.N foundation was planning to build a monument for the Java Sea Battle on Bawean Island, the closest island to the sea location where De Ruyter sunk. He hoped that the monument could be used as commemoration place for The Java Sea Battle if the ceremony on sea location could not be held due to unfriendly weather.

Exclusive Photos of The Commemoration


Mr Yunus, The Captain of  Anugrah 01

The Coordinate of Sea Location

De Ruyter 2012

Surabaya Calendar Event 2013

MARCH 2013

The art Gallery of House of Sampoerna visualizes the living realities of Flores communities among the definitely large diversities of Indonesian Cultures throught photography. Relish the pulses of life of Flores Communities throught photos on 21-28 February 2013 at Jalan Taman Sampoerna No.6 Surabaya, call : 031 3539000.

A couple of art and culture ambassadors-at-large will be elected in an annual contest held on 23 March 2013 by the Provincial Government of East Java to represent this province. The finalists representing town and cities all over East Java Province will show up in East Java traditional costumes and expose their knowledge about cultures and tourism in East Java.

PAPER LANTERN FESTIVAL 30 March, Taman Prestasi – Kalimas
Enjoy the varieties of design of colorful and beautiful paper lantern displayed along the the kalimas river banks.

APRIL 2013

WEDDING EXHIBITION April, City Of Tommorow
Are you searching for information on wedding supports? Wedding Exhibition 2013 is one of exhibitions supplying complete wedding information. It will be held in April 2013 in City Of Tomorrow (CITO) Surabaya. Leading wedding vendors will participate in this exhibition and offers services in wedding invitation cards, venues, catering, photography, salons, bridal, gowns and coats as well as honey moon package.

Batik is an Indonesian masterpiece. The East Java Batik Fashion Show is held by City of Tomorrow (CITO) in order to appreciate the artworks of local designers in East Java in exploiting Batik into appealing fashion designs. It is a prestigious media for promoting the fashion designs of local designers in East Java.

MAY 2013

Shopping centers in Surabaya participzte to celebrate the 720th Anniverssary of Surabaya by collaborating with the City Government of Surabaya. Leading malls all over Surabaya offer discount rate up to 70% and other attractive packages for shopaholic.

SURABAYA FASHION PARADE 1-5 May, Tunjungan Plaza, 10.00-22.00
It is an annual parade. I will be held on 1-5 May 2013 in the Atrium of Tunjungan Plaza 3 by the Tunjungan Plaza Management in order to appreciate the artworks of local fashion designers in Surabaya. There are some categories of contest, inter alia: Surabaya Fashion Designers. Last year 100 designers participated in this event. It is estimated that the number will increase in 2013, since it is a prestigious media for promoting the fashion designs of local designers in Surabaya.

SURABAYA FASHION EXPO 3-5 May, Convention Hall TP 3
It is facilitated by Tunjungan Plaza to appreciate the artworks of local fashion designers in Surabaya. There are some categories in this expo.

LATE NIGHT SHOPPING 3-4 May, Tunjungan Plaza, 22.00-24.00
Cheap shopping promo at late night will be held again in Tunjungan Plaza 1 through 4, from 10.00 am – midnight, West Indonesian Time. Shopaholic will be spoiled with up to 70% discount rate. Those having prepared leisure time and ample budget for pursuing various needs should not miss this event.

CULTURAL PARADE AND FLOATS 5 May, Tugu Pahlawan – Taman Surya
It is an opening event for celebrating the 720th Anniversary of Surabaya. Various artistic and cultural attractions and floats will marched along the main streets in Surabaya, from Hero Monument (Tugu Pahlawan) to City Garden (Taman Surya) in Surabaya City Hall.

MUSIC FESTIVAL 4 May, Balai Pemuda
It is held in the Yard of Balai Pemuda Surabaya. Young musicians will complete in this festival and well-known bands will perform hight quality arrangements. Come and see it !

It is a national scale fair followed by approximately 100 crafters nurtured and reared by State Owned Companies in East Java and will be held in Grand City Convex to display various Batik motives and embroideries, both traditional and modern ones, from different areas all over East Java.

It is one of typical arts in East Java, especially in Surabaya. Unfortunately, it is lately diminishing. In attempt to revive and preserve this folk theatre that used to be popular in its era, it will be performed on 11 May 2013 in the Yard of Balai Pemuda Surabaya so that it remains exsiting and can be enjoyed by various groups in the society.

Don’t miss this attractive festival. Find and enjoy the attractions when seeing the contestants wearing definitely appealing costumes are preparing this typical food of Surabaya called ‘Rujak Uleg’. It is followed by 1.200 contestants that will simultaneously mixing the fruit salad spices and held along Jalan Kembang Jepun Surabaya.

Kite battle is one of the most popular games in Surabaya and its surroundings. In the battle, the kites will be flown with brisk breezes to lift them aloft. Each of the kite flyers by cutting the kite strings of the others in the air and bring down their kites. It will be held in Kenjeran Park Surabaya to celebrate 720th Anniversary of Surabaya City.

10 MUSEUM COLLABORATIVE EXHIBITION 31 May, 08.00-15.00, Tugu Pahlawan
It is held for celebrating the anniversary of international museum and Surabaya City. The managements of museums in Surabaya (Health Museum, Loka Jala Crana Museum, Rokok Sampoerna Museum, Tugu Pahlawan Museum) collaborate to hold the exhibition. Find and see collections and photos displayed by each of the museums. Don’t miss it. It is free of charge.

It is held along May 2013 to celebrate the 720th anniversary of Surabaya and support Surabaya Shopping Festival Progam. Various fashion product, such as garments, accessories, shoes, bags and some others are offered.

It is an annual traditional food festival exposing the culinary nuances in East Java held in Tunjungan Plaza Motor Parking Lot. As usual, it will offer more than 100 traditional culinary menus, such as : Tahu Tek-Tek, Mie Kluntung, Semanggi, Rujak Cingur, Rawon, Tahu Campur, Kikil, Pecel, Aneka Penyetan, Nasi Krawu, etc. to flash back the East Java oldies markets, the venues will be decorated with traditionally. Some traditional entertainments, such as : Ludruk, Campur Sari, Wayang Orang and Outdoor Firms are performed in this event.

SURABAYA GREAT EXPO 6-20 May, Gramedia Expo
Visit this expo in Gramedia Expo. Various high quality products of small and medium enterprises that have been exiting and penetrating both domestic and overseas markets are displayed in this event.

Surabaya is very popular with its culinary products. You can enjoy not only Western menus but also traditional pastries, baked goods, dainties and delicacies that at present can only be found in traditional markets in kampongs. In attempt to preserves these traditional menus in Surabaya

Monkey Dance called ‘Thandhak Bedhes or Lethek (in Central Java) or Topeng Monyet (in West Java) is one of art performances involving monkeys. The monkeys are trained in such away in order to entertain spectators. In order to preserve this this art performance, it will be held in Kenjeran Park. A quite number of Thandhak Bedhes owners from Surabaya and its surrounding will contest in this festival.

DUREN & DURIAN @ FOOD FESTIVAL May-Jully, Pakuwon City Surabaya
It is an annual festival held in Pakuwon City Surabaya for fully 3 month length of time to spoil East Java people, especially Surabaya, who enjoy durian. In this event one can enjoy it with a special prace starting from IDR. 10.000,- and various pastries and delicacies with Durian as its main ingredient, such as : Ketan Durian, Dawet Durian, Kolak Durian, Soes Durian, Pancake Durian, and many more. The fresh and airy gardens with varieties of decorative lamps and Kampong style benches, chairs and tables will make the dinning atmosphere in food Festival more enjoyable.

JUNE 2013

It is an original Indonesian art and serves as aefficacious communication media to understand essences of life. Obvisously , it delivers conceptions adoptable as valuable references for behaving and acting as reflected in a leather puppet show. It is surprising when it is performed on 1 June 2013 in the Audience Hall of Taman Budaya Jawa Timur, it will inspire anyone to adopt the good deeds practiced by the figures in the puppet show.

‘MUSLIMAH’ BEAUTY CONTEST June, City of Tomorrow
It is held by ‘Nurani’ Women Magazine in City of Tomorrow to elect a Moslem profile lady.

It is a National scale manufacturing product exhibition held in Grand City Convex. It displays various industrial machinery product, marine and shipping products, electric power product, oil and gas product, plastic, molding and packaging product, dye machineries, automated industrial products and logistic products. It is definitely worth visiting for anyone dealing with any of those industries.

564th DEATH ANNIVERSARY OF SUNAN AMPEL 25-27 June, Makam Sunan Ampel
A religious commemoration of the death of Sunan Ampel (one of holy men first bringing islam to Java) for 3 successive days in 3rd week of Sya’ban in Islamic Calendar. The commemoration is opened with a common Islamic recitation on Friday. Next, it will be followed with convoy on Saturday and closed with mass circumcision program on Sunday and Islamic music performances. It will be held in Sunan Ampel Great Mosque.

JAVA FURNITURE FAIR 2013 26-30 June, JX Expo
If you intend to renew your home furniture, it is a fair worth visiting as it offers high quality furniture products from various areas all over Java Island. It will give you attractive alternatives for meeting your furniture needs. Don’t miss it ! Visit in JX Expo.

East Pack Surabaya exhibits various superior packing industry product in Grand City Convex.
East Food Surabaya displays various food products and their variances, such as : processed foods alike in Grand City Convex.

JULY 2013

This cultural event is held annually by Citraland to expose the creations of selected Indonesian traditional and international artist community, in 2 strategic points in G-Walk area so that it can be easily accessed along the ways by the visitors of G-Walk Food Courts.

RAMADHAN PACKAGE July-August a Café House Of Sampoerna
To welcome the Ramadhan holy month, the House of Sampoerna Caffe offers Ramadhan Package for various menus for breaking fast for those fasting. The offered menus are suitable to enjoy for breaking fast in a Ramadhan nuance. Enjoy it during July-August 2013.

RAMADHAN FAIR July, City of Tomorrow
To celebrate the Ramadhan holy month, City of Tomorrow (CITO) holds Ramadhan Fair to display accessories and adornment associated with Ramadhan needs, such as : garments, food and drinks, etc.

A quite number of dancers will perform a typical dance of Surabaya called Remo dance in a Remo Dance Festival Surabaya. It is a part of series of Cross Cultural Festival 2013. In addition there will be a performance to play a pair of typical Japanese musical instrument called ‘Naruko’ in extremely colorfull costumes created by the contestants to reflect the blended Japanese and Surabaya cultures. Don’t miss it ! Find it in Surabaya City Hall.

CROSS CULTURE FESTIVAL 4-6 July, G-Walk Citraland
The beautiful diversities of Indonesian cultures and foreign ones are exhibited in an annual festival. Various mixtures of dances, musical compositions and costume design are well blended in a perfect harmony in a performance. It is held in some venues, such as G-WALK Citraland, Surabaya City Hall, and some others.


MUSIC CONCERT August, Balai Pemuda
It is a high quality music concert held in the Yard of Balai Pemuda Surabaya. Top bands and Surabaya young musicians will perform high quality compositions.

LATE NIGHT SALE August, City of Tomorrow
Cheap shopping promo at late night will be held in City of Tomorrow, from 10.00 am – midnight, West Indonesian Time. Shopaholic will be spoiled with up to 70% discount rate. Those having prepared leisure time and ample budget for pursuing various needs should not miss it !

It is played by humans as figures in plots of the puppet show. They wear costumes and accessories that are resemble with the ones found in leather puppets. The storylines presented are the same with ones found in the leather puppet show, such as : Ramayana and Mahabarata.


DECORATIVE KITE FESTIVAL September, City of Tomorrow
It will show the creations of contestant designing various shapes and sizes of colorfull and beautiful decorative kites, and certainly adorn the sky of Kenjeran Park with attractive scenes.

SURABAYA HOT SALE September, City of Tomorrow
Cheap shopping promo at late night will be held in City of Tomorrow (CITO). Shopaholic will be spoiled with up to 70% discount rate. Those having prepared leisure time and ample budget for pursuing various needs should not miss this event.

ART & CULTURE EXHIBITION 13-15 September, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur
In attempt to introduce the art and cultural, economic, and tourism potencies all over East Java. Taman Budaya Jawa Timur hold and exhibition of arts and cultures from regencies and cities all over East Java. It will present some art and cultural works, crafts and superior tourism potentials.

It is a photo exhibition in the art Gallery of House of Sampoerna to commemorate 1 (one) century of Sampoerna existence displaying series of documentary photos recording the history of Sampoerna.

It is a city tour originally concepted House of Sampoerna by to visit historical objects in Surabaya on foot, further explore the historical background of Surabaya and the valuable cultures in the visited objects and enjoy the beauty of heritage of architectural design and constructions as well as get closer interactions with the communites surrounding the visited objects.

THEATER PARADE 27-28 September, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur
To accommodate theatrical arts in East Java Province and Indonesia, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur hold a theatrical parade. A mixture of music, singing, acting, painting, dancing, and alike is packed in a theatre show.

FULL MOON FESTIVAL September, Ken Park
To commemorate the Chinese New Year on every 15th day of 8th month and thank to their god, the Chinese people celebrate a Full Moon Party. Various attractions and entertainments, such as : Moon Cake Party, Kim Sin Convoy, Barongsai Dance, Paper Lantern Fest and traditional dancing, will be presented. It will be held in the area of Sky Dome, Kenjeran Park Surabaya, where you can see the duplication of Temple of Heaven (Tan Tan) erected in Beijing, China.


LEATHER PUPPET SHOW 12 October, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur
It is an original Indonesian art and serves as efficacious communication media to understand essences of life. Obviously, it delivers conceptions adoptable as valuable references for behaving and acting as reflected in a leather puppet show. It is surprising when it is performed on 12 October 2013 in the Audience Hall of Taman Budaya Jawa Timur, will inspire anyone to adopt the good deeds practiced by the figures in the puppet show.

Sapi Sono attraction presents a couple of trained female cows to show their skills to demonstrate beautiful, pliant and soft movements. It will be held in Pamekasan Regency Stadium. Sapo Sono all over Madura will compete in beautiful, pliant and soft movements.

BULL RACE ALL OVER MADURA 20 October, Lap. Pamekasan
Speed, courage and beauty are definitely expressive three words for describing this Madurese tradition. The racers, either adults and kids, with the bulls they have trained and decorated with accessories compete bravely in hight speed with strong courage pacing the adrenaline of both racers and spectators. It will be held to race for President Trophy in Pamekasan Regency Stadium.

The culinary maniacs will be satisfied in this festival because it will be followed by a quite number or restaurants in Surabaya.

PROMO BBQ October, a café HOS
The program is held annualy with the concept of Al Fresco Dining, dinner at an open area under a sprinkling of stars with various options. various roasted menus with acoustic music accompaniment. held on October 2013 at the Cafe House of Sampoerna, Taman Sampoerna 6 Surabaya.


East Java culture parade will perfoming cultural works from regencies / cities, all over East Java Province. as a province administering the number of regencies and cities, the province is rich of various arts and cultures. Accordingly, the provincial  government will exploit the provincial cultures and uniqueness as tourism attractions. it is expected that this event will enhance the productivity, creativeness and professionalism of East Java artist.

EAST JAVA FAIR 3-13 October, Grand City Convex, JX Expo

This event displays various superior products from regencies and cities all Over East Java Province and some other regencies / cities in Indonesia. Some private enterprises also participate in this event.



Hundreds of old jeeps from Surabaya and other places, such as Jakarta, West Java, Solo and Yogyakarta will participate in Surabaya Jeep Carnival. in conjuction with the commemoration of Hero Day. The jeeps will go along the edge of Surabaya in Fund City Rally Carnival.

SYMPHONY FOR NATION 9 November, Taman Surya

A number of top artists from Jakarta wiil participated in the symphony that will be performed in the Yard of Surabaya City Hall. it is a part of the series of Hero Day celebration program.


If you plan to invest capitals in Surabaya, you are strongly recommended to attend it in Gramedia Expo Surabaya. You will access ample information on invesment opportunities and potentials as well as trades of various superior products in Indonesia.


‘Mocopat’ is a Javanese traditional song composed by Mangkunegara IV. It used to be sung to entertain the Kong’s guests. Accordingly, in attempt to preserve the Javanese arts and cultures, especially ‘Mocopat’ this festival is held and open to people at common.

SURABAYA STRUGGLE PARADE 10 November, Tugu Pahlawan – Taman Surya

The Hero Day recalls the Indonesian people, especially the one from Surabaya, to keep serving the nation. It is always impressively and merrily celebrated. This year, it is celebrated by holding SurabayaStuggle Parade that will be opened with an open folk music concert followed with some other art and cultural program, such as : Civics Schooling, Seminar on Heroism and Surabaya Fervor Drama.

SURABAYA OTOMOTIF EXPO 27Nov-01Dec, Grand City Convex

It will be held in Gramedia Expo, Surabaya and is dedicated for East Java people who are keen of the technological advancement and spectacular automotive programs.

5th INDIE CLOTHING EXPO 8-10 Nov, Grand City Convex

It will be held in Grand City Convex Surabaya, exclusively for women. It exhibits various female clothing needs. Various top indie brands will participate in this expo. It also performs movie competition, fashion show and top indie bands.

HIJAB – NURANI FESTIVAL Nov, City of Tomorrow

Witness the transformation of creations of tens of Moslem fashion designers from Surabaya in a Moslem Fashion Festival held in July in Tunjungan Plaza. It is the best event to visit by fashion lovers and bussiness people for enhancing creativeness in Moslem fashion designing and a valuable referral for Moslem fashion development in 2013.

KETOPRAK THEATRE SHOW 16 Nov, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur

It is a theatrical art from East Java. In a Ketoprak show, the plays are supplemented with Javanese song performed with Javanese instrument arrangements. The theme of the stories are usually about Javanese legend or histories. Taman Budaya Jawa Timur will perform it in collaboration with Ketoprak artist that used to be popular.


LATE NIGHT SALE Dec, City of Tomorrow

Cheap shopping promo at late night will beheld in City of Tomorrow, from 10.00 am – midnight, West Indonesian Time. Shopaholic will be spoiled with up to 70% discount rate. Those having prepared leisure time and ample budget for pursuing various needs should not miss it !

ART & CULTURE EXHIBITION 13-15 Dec, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur

In attempt to introduce the art and cultural, economic, and tourism potencies all over East Java, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur holds an exhibition of arts and cultural works,crafts and superior tourism potentials.

XMAST CONCERT Dec, City of Tomorrow

It will perform Christmas song and music compositions to celebrate the Christmas Day and entertain the visitors of City of Tomorrow Surabaya.

LEATHER PUPPET SHOW 7Dec, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur

It is an original Indonesian art and serves as aefficacious communication media to understand essences of life. Obviously, it delivers conceptions adoptable as valuable references for behaving and acting as reflected in a leather puppet show. It is surprising when it was performed on 02 Nov 2013 in the Audience Hall of Taman Budaya Jawa Timur, it inspired anyone to adopt and good deeds practiced by the figures in the puppet show.



Jacob van Helsdingen

Jacob P. van Helsdingen was a pilot died in his birthday. He was born in Surabaya and he has Indonesia-Dutch blood. He died in battle against Japanese jet which was more advanced. In that period, Japanese jet took over the air in the early of Pasific War. Born in 7 March 1907, and he was one of few Indo-Ducth men who was accepted in Koninklikje Militaire Academie in Breda, The Netherland in 1929. He was graduated in 1931 and he returned to Indonesia (was East Indies) as a lieutenant in KNIL. One year later he was placed in KNIL air force as Fokker CV pilot. He liked challenge and brave, and he did very brave manuevers. He was popular for his handsome face, also a playboy and loved to drive fast on Batavia and Soerabaia roads. The war broke in 1939 and in 1940, Holland was occupied by Germany. East Indies was in alert to face enemies in Pasific, The Japanese which was after South East and South Asia which were rich of natural resources. Van Helsdingen was mobilized on 1 July 1941 and promoted as Commander of Squadron 2, Group 5 Air Force, ML KNIL strengthened by Brewster Buffalo jet. This was his culmination of his carreer. Van Helsdingen’s squadron was positioned at Kallang air strip, SIngapore as part of ABDA-Com (American, British, Dutch and Australian Command) defensive circle to protect South East Asia from Japanese attack. Japanese attacked Singapore on 12 January 1942 by releasing bombers. In this war, van Helsdingen with his Buffalo jet could lock Japanese lightweight fighter Ki 27 Nates. His squadron also shot other three Ki-27. Japanese then released A6M Zero to guard the bombers.Zoro advance on 15 January made van Helsdingen’s squadron overwhelmed, as Zero was more advanced than Buffalo. Finally on 18 January, Squadron 2 was withdrawn to West Java and spreaded in Semplak, Andir (currently Husein Sastranegara airport) and Cililitan. Japanese then targetted East Indied. The first attacked was in Balikpapan which was rich of oil.Squadron 2 was sent to Kalimantan to strengthen Balikpapan, they based as confidential base Samarinda II, on 22 and 23 January 1942. Buffaloes of van Helsdingen squadrons guarded Martin B-10 bomber and as well attacking Japanese fleets at the off shore of Balikpapan. This assault could sink 2 Japanese ship and van Helsdingen could shoot Ki-27. For his success he was awarded with Knight Third Class from Militaire Willems Orde, which was a great achievement for Indo-Dutch soldier like him.

Unfortunately, the location of confidential base was spotted by Japanese and was attached. Kalimantan was down. The arrivals of squadrons Zero made van Heldsingen squadron’s  and other air units must got away to Java to get ready for the last defense. With the last Buffaloes left, the squadron of van Helsdingen stayed at Andir for Japanese attack which landed at Eretan wetan beach, Central Java and then spread with attack to all over Java. IN the critical months , the highest commander of KNIL had escaped to Australia, asking van Helsdingen to also went to Australia  and trained Dutch new air force. However van Helsdingen chose to stay in ANdir and support KNIL army which was critically forced to move to Bogor and threatened to back down to Bandung. 

On the 7th of March 1942, where van Helsdingen is exactly 35 years old, he chose 4 volunteer pilots to fly the four Buffalo as he was expected to fly to Australia. Yet on the last minutes, va Helsdingen changed his mind, and asking the married pilot to quit and went to Australia, while van Helsdingen himself was married already.Once news about KNIL was forced to moved to Lembang, van Helsdingen and 3 other pilots took off to Lembang.  The air there had been taken control by the Japanese. And he died in an air battle there. Jacob Pieter Van Helsdingen died in Lembang on  March 7th  1942, on his 35th birthday.