Located in Banten Province, Ujung Kulon is one of the most interesting destinations to visit on the western part of Java. It is located few hours drive from the capital, Jakarta and usually if travelers have several days they can also visit Krakatau volcano as well.

Here are some of the must-visit places in Ujungkulon National Park:

PEUCANG ISLAND has beautiful underwater garden that it is perfect for snorkeling and diving activity. The Island is also home for deer’s and long tailed monkeys. Lodge is available on the island. If you are into hiking, you can definitely hike to the north part of the island Karang Copong where you can see sunset overlooking vast ocean.

CIDAON SAVANNAH can be accessed by boat from Peucang Island, and just walking about 250 meters you can observe banteng grassing there. Best time to see banteng is from 6-7 am and from afternoon at 16.30. Travelers can enjoy the wildlife observation from view point tower using binocular. Sometimes we can see peacocks and Gallus gallus in the savannah. Sunset time nearby the beach is another option to do here.

CIBUNAR SAVANNAH from Cidaon Savannah can be a perfect trail for trekking enthusiast in Ujung Kulon National Park. where you will be passing coastal forest and low land forest. Along the trail you can observe various birds and Badak diet vegetation. Cibunar is also home to banteng.

SANGHYANG SIRAH CAVE is destination for pilgrimage. The cave is related to raden Kiansantang, a prince who lived in the period of Padjajaran Kingdom when King Siliwangi reigned.

HANDEULEUM ISLANDS consists of Handeuleum Besar, Handeuleu Tengah and Handeuleum Kecil. Three islands is rich of wildlife and vegetations : birds, reptile and swam ecosystem. The most interesting thing to do here is cruising along river, ar Cigenter River where you will also visit waterfalls.

PANAITAN ISLAND is popular for its diving spots such as Legon Lentah and Legon Kadam which is situated at the north coast. While at the south coast : Legon Samadang and Karang Ajar spot. This island is also suitable for surfing, especially at Kasuaris Bay. There is one point popular among surfers, calles as One Palm Point, which has big swell to ride on.

CIBIUK HOTSPRING is a place to rejuvenate after enjoying various activities in the national park. Locals visit this hotspring , and they believe that hot bath here help them cure some illness.

CURUG CIKACANG is the home of Javan owa. The area is circled by primary and secondary forest. This forest is where researchers , priate observation, bird watching, and herb research take place.

SOUTHERN COAST (PANTAI SELATAN) stretches from Cegog till Cibunar. It takes 8 hours trekking to enjoy the vegetation, view and wildlife along the trail. Travelers can stay overnight at Cegog, a village on the border of southern coast.

If you want to visit Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon or Ujung Kulon National Park, please do let us know. We can pick up at Jakarta or Banten. The tour to Ujung Kulon National Park can be combined with Krakatau volcano tour.