Kedung Sipingit : Black Canyon of Pekalongan

Kedung Sipingit is situated in Pekalongan regency that offers natural water attraction. Kedung in Javanese means natural pool. Sipingit derives from singit, local word for scary as in the past this place felt and looked scary. Yet lately this has draw youngsters and visitors to visit this place and became popular. The pool flows from Welo river that is fresh and crystal clear that it is suitable for tubing. The cliff on the river is black that it is also called as black canyon.

During dry season the kedung depth is about 3,5 meters while on rainy season it can be 5-7 meters depth. Located in Petungkriyo mountain area, this place is surrounded by lush vegetation. It takes approximatey 2 hours drive from Pekalongan city to reach this oasis. The entrance gate is surrounded by emerald green hills and rice fields and you can also sip hot coffee enjoying the view.

Activities that can be done here are: river tubing, body rafting, swimming and also if you are lucky you will meet Jawan owa. River Tubing duration along Welo River is about 4 hours through some challenging rapids.