Sekumpul Waterfall: Seven Point Waterfalls in North Bali

These waterfall groups are situated in idyllic North Bali, that is most popular for its dolphin watching at Lovina Beach. As waterfall hunter, i love roaming through this seven points waterfalls while i visited North Bali.

Among all the seven waterfalls, two are still unnamed yet. The other five waterfalls are: 2 Sekumpul Waterfalls, 3 Fiji Waterfalls. The waterfalls resides in the pristin nature with green hilly panorama.

The Sekumpul Waterfalls are as a matter of fact administratively situated in Lemukih village, however as the access is from Sekumpul village, they are more familiar known as Sekumpul Waterfall. The locals call the waterfall as Grombong or Twin Waterfall that they stream side by side.

Two waterfalls are just nearby the road, but the other 5 waterfalls are located deeper that it requires trekking. Even though there are signs along the way, i prefer to hire a local guide to tell us story about the waterfalls, local life, and also lead to the waterfall.