Gigantic Banyan Tree in Bali, Indonesia

There is a magical place that you can visit in Bali, that you might want to stop when exploring Bedugul. This is where gigantic old banyan tree located. Administratively situated in Bayan Village in Tua Village Marga District in Tabanan. The locals call it as Wisata Kayu Putih (white tree). This 500 years old banyan tree is now popular among travelers.

The tree’s height is about 50 meters and the diameter is about 6 meters. It grows at the backyard of Babakan Temple which was built in the period of King Perean. Babakan is assumed to be derived from the bark of the tree than can be used as herb. Locals believe that the tree has been existed since before the temple was erected. The locals guard the tree due to its virtue to cure some illness and as well because of its magical aura. The villagers hold ritual at tree with offerings and prayer every 210 days to thank God as it was very useful for Tua Village. Sometimes when locals dig the ground to build houses, they find the tree’s root, that they believe that the tree creeps all over the village.

Because of its magical aura, the tree is also used as meditation sites, not only by locals but also by visitors from other regions and other countries.