Sintang, the city between Kapuas River and Malawi River, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Sintang is situated on the border of Indonesia-Malaysia at the North border. The city is accessible by air and land from Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan Province. It takes about 9 hours drive from Pontianak to Sintang or 45 minutes by air. Sintang derives from Dayak langauage , ‘senentang’ means the meeting point of two rivers, Kapuas and Melawi River.

There was a kingdom here called as Sintang Kingdom which reigned approximately since the 13th Century. The kingdom is located about 50 km from the current city location where there is site of Lingga with the relief of Madewa and Nandi statue, and local call the statue as kalbut which means pig. Located not far from the site, there is Aju Melayu Grave, the ancestor of Kings of Sintang Kingdom. Demong Irawan moved the capital to SSenentang area, located between Kapuas and Melawi River . Senetang then became Sintang after years. Since the reign of Sri paduka Tuanku Sultan Nata Muhammad Syamsudin Sa’adul Khairi Waddin, the kingdom became Sultanate, until 1966 and then became part of Indonesia.

MOUNT KELAM (BUKIT KELAM) is located about 20 KM from Sintang City. It is one of the biggest monoliths in the world. The peak is 1002 meters and can be reached by 4-5 hours hike. This hill popular among botanists and researcher. There are species of Nepenthes or Pitcher plants and also black orchid.

BUKIT BAKA BUKIT RAYA NATIONAL PARK is situated between two province, West Kalimantana and Central Kalimantan. It takes 2 hours boat ride to Nanga Nuak and plus another 2 hours drive to the National Park. The National Park is the habitat for abundance of flora and fauna. There are species of mammals, birds, fish and butterlflies.

RUMAH BETANG ENSAID PANJANG is longhouse of Dayak Tribe which is still inhibited until today. The main pillar is made out of ironwood (Ulin). The house was initially built for one sub-clan for battle habit of Dayak tribe. The men work in farm and collect rubber while the women work on loom making weaving.

SINTANG TRADITIONAL FOOD is made of durian fruit. Durian is fermented naturally for 9-12 hours using salt.

NOKAN NAYAN WATERFALL is a 180 meters high waterfall. There are two waterfalls actually, Nokan Nayan and Jongonoi. Both are cararact types waterfalls. The access to the is long and challenging. From Sintang drive to Nanga Pinoh in Melawi region, proceed with speedboat ride for about 6 hours. Another speedboat ride through Jongonoi Riverto Ukai Village. From Ukai Hamlet and then walk about 1.5 hours to Nanga Menantak. From Nanga Menantak another 3 hours boat ride to Deme Hamlet. Proceed with small boat ride for 3 hours at Tolian Ponohak when river is in high tide. The waterfall can be reached by walking and hiking Tuhkat Pasang, a valley wall of Jongonoi River. There are some other waterfall in Sintang such as Nokan Tolangit, Sentarum Waterfall and more.

BANING FOREST is 213 hectares forest, and it is the only tropicalforest in Indonesia that is located in city area. There are pitcher plants, orchids , hard wood trees, red monkey and birds species here. This is the educational destination for students and researchers.