Meratus Mountains

Meratus Mountains lies at the southeast part of Kalimantan, to be exact at South Kalimantan province. It stretches North East to South West for 600 square kilometers dividing South Kalimantan Province into two. Highest peak in the mountain range is Mt Halau Halau 1901 meters.

Government appointed the mountain range as Meratus Geopark, which has been form since 150 millions years ago and has been acknowledge by international researchers.

Meratus Geoprak consists of 36 geo-sites located administratively in 10 regions, they are: forest, cave, waterfall, lake, hills, cars mountain, valley and more and diamond panning area Cempaka in Kotabaru.

5 main geoparks in Meratus Mountains:

SULTAN ADAM FOREST : The 112.000 hectares forest has some sites and also nature beauty such as : Pond built by Dutch East Indies, a colonial fortress, a hill called Bukit Tirai Hujan, and three waterfalls. Camping activities is also available here.

DIAMOND PANNING SITTE : is loated in Banjarbaru. They pan for diamond and gold until the depth of 15 meters. There are three sites for panning :Ujung Murung, Sungai Runtai and pendulangan Pumpung.

TANJUNG DEWA BEACH is located in Tanah Laut Regency , about 2 hours drive from Banjarmasin. The beach is beautiful and there is an island called Datu Island which is popular for its religious attraction. Locals are fishermen and the fish here is famous for being abundant. If you are lucky you can see dolphin swimming at the waters.

SEKOYANG BEACH has rocks formation called as Batu Rijang which was naturally formed for millions years.

GUNUNG BESAR is the highest mountain in South Kalimantan. It is a pristine forest and has been home for Dayak Meratus Tribe for centuries.