Gunung Palung National Park

Gunung Palung National Park is administratively located in Ketapang Regency and North Kayong regency of West Kalimantan Province. The National Park borders with Batu Barat River, Air Merah River and Matan River at the North. On the East it is directly borders with Teluk Bayur Village, Laur River and Sempurna Village. At the South borders with Melinsun River, Siduk River, Lekahan River, Gunung Tarak Forest, Riam Berasap Jaya Village, Pangalan Teluk Village, Laman Satong Village and Karimata Strait. At the West it is side by side with Karimata Strait and some villages. The highest peak in the National Park is Mt Palung, 1.116 meters.

The National Park has type A climate and the majority of the area are wet zone with rainnfall between 2730-4040 mm /year. There are some type of ecosystems here, from peat swap, fresh water swamp, lowland dipterocarp, mangrove forest, aluvial soil and sub montana ecosystem. And therefore, it has abundance of flora and fauna.

There are thousands of plants species here such as agathis, ironwood, pulai, ramin, jelutung, rengas mangroves and some herbs plants. Some hardwoods can be found here aremeranti, keruing, resak. Several orchid species also can be found here, such as the exotic black orchid which can be found along Matan River especially from February to April.

Faunas can be found here are : orangutan, monkeys and owa, tarsius, fresh water fishes, bekantan, and squirels. And there are many more wildlife in this national park.

Lubuk Baji Waterfall is located at Sedahan Jaya Village, Kayong Utara Regency. Lubuh Baji is the name of waterfall located located in hilly area. The waterfall can be reached from Sedahan Village which takes about 2 hours walk. While if accessed via Pangkalan Buton Village will take about 4 hours walk. Along the walk you will be passing green nature.

Riam Berasap Waterfall is located at the mouth of Siduk River. This waterfall is located in Kayong Utara. It takes 4 hours walk to reach the waterfall and enroute travelers can stop by at several waterfalls, such as Riam Bekinjil. Riam Ambar and Riam Karung.

Batu Barat Village is separated by big river that streams from Matan to Telok Melano. The access to Batu Barat is via Telok Melano, 20 km from Sukadana City. Along the river you can see wildlife and observe vegetations.

Bukit (Hill) Peramas is located in Sukadana City of Kayong Utara Regency. In this area travelers can observe flora and fauna.