Borneo Pygmy Elephant : The Smallest Elephant Subspecies in The World

Borneo or Kalimantan Elephant is known as  small elephant, smaller in size than its kind. They have rounder body, long tail that it touches the ground , big ears and more straight ivory than the elephant species. Yet in Kalinatan Island, they are the biggest mammals.

According to local story, Kalimantan elephant was originally a domesticated elephant from Jawa in the 17th Century and then it was released to Kalimantan Island and they breed until today. According to WWF, the species were isolated for 300 thousand years from Asia elephant family. Their dna structure changed. And the assumption that it was descendant of Jawa elephant is not confirmed as Jawa elephants have been extinct long time ago.

The Borneo Pygmy elephant can grow 2-3 meters and can only weight about 3-5 tons only unlike other species. The elephant can  run 43 km  per hour and they can swim through rivers easily. Their life span range from 55 to 77 years old.