Recommended Restaurants in Wonosobo, Central Java Indonesia

Krishna Resto Garden
This restaurant is located right in the middle of the city and set in a large garden area with Indonesian and also local menus. If you stay in hotel in the city, you can enjoy strolling around the city while walking to the restaurant. IG @KRISHNARESTOGARDEN

Dewani View
If you are from Jogja, this restaurant is located before entering the city. There are wide selections of menus here. There are some tables located outdoor that you can enjoy the air of Wonosobo while enjoy your food. On weekends sometimes there is live music held here. The restaurants has large capacity, airy and spacious. IG : @DEWANIVIEW

Asia Restaurant
This is one of the oldest restaurant here, very popular for its Chinese menus. It has served foreign travelers for many years. Located right in the middle of the city, only you must beware of the parking area. The foods are delicious.

Hoka Hoke Warung
This warung is if i can say a boutique warung. It has only six tables. The interior is mix of vintage and the walls are decorated with simple green tropical murals. Its is clean, also provide sink to wash hands at the entrance. It is a hidden gem for locals. It has only some menus, meatball soup, chicken noodle, chicken with hot chilly sambal. The price is unbelievably inexpensive, very affordable. One thing that i very rarely see in small restaurants or warung is that the kitchen area is clean and visible by guests.  Definitely worth to try if you visit Wonosobo or Dieng. INSTAGRAM @HOKAHOKEWARUNG


Lotus Restaurant
This seafood restaurant is located in the city. It has large parking area. Suitable for lunch with friends and family. I feel the ambience is very comfy and clean.

Kelapa Gading
This seafood restaurant is Wonosobo locals favourite place to eat. The menus are delicious and perfect for locals taste. It has large area. Good to bring kids also as kids can play swings and as well enjoying the garden and the pool. Guest can choose normal seats or lesehan (sitting on mat). IG @RM.KELAPAGADINGWSB


Mi Ongklok
This is special culinary of Wonosobo. It is a must try food for non locals. Mi Ongklok is noodle menus and served with beef satay and local fried dish called tempe kemul. Popular Mi Ongkok restaurant is sold for generations on warung, small foodstall, not in restaurant. Some recommendation of Mi Ongklok food stall : Mi Ongklok Pak Muhadi, Mi Ongklok Bu Umi, Mi Ongkook Longkrag, Mi Ongklok CPNY.

Warung Joglo
Located on slope of Mt Sindoro. It has wide selection of Indonesian menus. The restaurant is airy. The restaurant is set on Joglo House, traditional house of Java.

Rumah Makan Harmoni
It is easy to be found. Has large parking area suitable if you visit with groups. The menus are Indonesian, and its special menus is chicken taliwang. It has also Wonosobo local snacks store, if you want to bring them home for friends and family.