(Meet the Artist) Maslihar: ART is Sharing Happiness

I have known Maslihar for years, and sometimes visit his home , located about some fifteen minutes drive from the city of Yogyakarta. He has dedicated his life to the art world and creates beautiful pieces. Few days ago I visited him again.

Maslihar and his artwork

He chose to study art at SMSR after junior high school. Initially it was because he did not want to be an engineer. Yet after graduating from SMSR, he decided to be professional artist. He then continued his study at Indonesian Institute of Art (ISI) in Yogyakarta.

Maslihar is having fun with vibrant colors

He describes his art consists of decorative and abstract figurative. He engraves his piece of work with some vibrant and bright colors to create more lively pieces that will give positive feelings to him and people who see them. He believes that his artworks are prayers, that these could make good things happened. He added that at least an art is entertaining. He defines art as sharing happiness and art delivers message from the artist to the world.

Maslihar with one of his recent works

Maslihar uses various material for his works, such as pencils and thick paint. His current works are more into pop art that also can be enjoyed for young people. He is still very active making more entertaining and happy pieces and share them to the world through exhibitions up today.

His home and studio are located some minutes apart. If you are art lovers or collectors interested to join Yogyakarta Fine Art Tour and visit Maslihat aka Panjul, feel free to contact us.