Yogyakarta known as the city of education and city of culture. And it is also the barometer of Indonesia art and as well Asia leading art center. Yogyakarta has some well-known art festivals that makes it the destination to art lovers, collectors and gallerist from around the world. Music, drama, fine art and other forms of arts are developing and evolving in this city. There are some great artists from Yogyakarta that are already well noted in the artworld such as Affandi, Bagong Kusudiarjo, and WS Rendra.

The atmosphere of art in Yogyakarta has very deep root that drives the handicrafts industry. Its handicraft products have been marketed to other regions in Indonesia or for foreign market.

ARTJOG is the biggest art event in Indonesia. Artlovers, artists, gallerists, curators, collectors and art critics flock too Yogyakarta for this event. It is held usually around July-August when galleries and art centers have art-related activities such as exhibition, dance performance, music performance, film screening, workshop and discuss

Art lovers, artists and collectors are beginning to flock to Yogyakarta for Jogja Art Weeks. The annual event held every May and June sees local galleries and art centers simultaneously holding art-related activities such as exhibitions, art performances, music performances, film screenings, discussions and art workshops.