What to do in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara

I personally interested in nature and culture that when visit a new place i will see the unique nature and maybe meet the locals. And this is what i did while i was visiting Bima:

This museum was once sultan palace and since 1989 functioned as museum. In the museum we can see various artifacts and informations of Mbojo. There is a room which was once used as the chamber of President Soekarno when He visited Bima. 

There some old mosques in Bima and one of the oldest is Kalodu Mosque. It has been renovated in the 2000s and the view from this mosque area is magnificent. 

In this village we can see women working on the loom making Bima traditional textile. The pattern of the woven is geometric triangle, square and the base textile color is black. You can also purchase the woven to bring back home. 

The view from this cemetery is beautiful, as it is located about 60 meters above the sea level, on a hill called Danataraha. There are 15 old tombs in the area. And one of them is the tomb of Sultan of Bima died in the 1640. 

UMA LENNGE , Traditional Village
This village is located a little bit far from Bima city about 30 minutes drive. the village still preserves traditional architecture of the barn house.  The house was designed that the mouse can not climb the wooden pillar. 

This place opens morning to 10 PM. We can enjoy local menus, and especially seafood. The place is located nearby the sea that we can enjoy conversation with friends and also feel the sea breeze.