Pictures: Waterfalls of Tawangmangu Area

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall: This waterfall is the biggest and the most popular waterfall in Tawangangu. There are two options to access the waterfall, short easy path and the little harder through hundreds of steps.
Traveler pose with Grojogan Sewu Waterfall.
Jumog Waterfall: this small twin waterfall is another option where you can also enjoy inexpensive local food. It just takes few minutes walk from the parking area.
Parang Ijo Waterfall: more quiet waterfall , smaller yet you will enjoy the farm enroute to the waterfall. The location is nearby the old temple.
Farmers are planting vegetable en-route Parang Ijo Waterfall soft trek.
View of Tawangmangu Area, sunset time was such an amazing time here.
Farms and houses at Tawangmangu. You can also enjoy this kind of view by having light bite at some restaurants nearby the streets.