Sumber Mujur Bamboo Forest, Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia

Located on the enclave of Bromo Tengger National Park, Sumber Mujur Village has conserved its village with bamboo. It was planted many years ago and now the forest is lush and has been the source of clean water for the village. And now, the village even has received benefit from the conservation through tourism sector.

The entrance fee to Sumber Mujur bamboo forest is included with the swimming pool entrance. I consider it is very cheap. That is why on weekend domestic visitors from adjacent area flock to this forest.

We stayed 2 nights in a homestay here. Everynight we can wait for the lava of Mt Semeru from the homestay. And in the day time, we can see Mt Semeru proudly emits smoke. We drove about 30 minutes from the village to Mount Sawur to see sunrise and see mt Semeru from close distance. And not only sunrise, from Mt Sawur we can see the view of Bambang Beach located at the southern coast. And my favourite was visiting Mt Semeru observatory. It is inspiring to see how the only 3 staff at the observatory watching and monitoring the volcano every night and day.

And this is what i usually look when i visit new place. The souvenirs and the foods. We can find bamboo handicrafts here, and also visit the workshop. I found a beautiful bamboo soup bowl and mug. And there are also batik painting made of natural dyes. They are just so beautiful. In the future i would like to take batik class here. And the special food here is made of young bamboo, which is called rebung. They taste so good.

I enjoyed the quietness, the mild weather, the abundant clean fresh water and also the hospitality of the locals. I would come back for sure.