Indonesia: Trip of a Life Time Awaits You.

In Indonesia, you can indulge in a trip of a lifetime everyday. Indonesia is not just a tropical paradise, it is not just another destination to escape. Indonesia is a lesson for a wider horizon, joy, positive energy, a place of letting go, making memories, and make things happen. The islands of Indonesia have their uniqueness. It is a destination for cultural odyssey exploring ancient monuments and temples built by beautiful minds. Volcanoes adventure through the active rumbling crater and its one-of-a-kind panorama. Indonesia has the jungle you can quest to discover the wildlife and the floras. You can feel the cold freezing break of a day on mountain and next day feeling the sultry air with view of the blue Hindian Ocean or even go dive deep to meet the sea life. And Indonesia has so much more.

Below is video by Thomas Fuhrmann ( his trip to Indonesia with us. Enjoy !!