Coban Ciblungan Waterfall, East Java, Indonesia: Where you can bath like a goddess

East Java is rich of waterfall and one of those is Coban Ciblungan. This waterfall is playful, beautiful, swimable, instagramable and it is definitely rejuvenating. It does not take long to reach to waterfall from the parking area, only about 5 minutes walk through stairs. And this waterfall is located about 30 minutes drive from Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

Once you arrive at the waterfall you will the the multiple waterfalls falling to the calm plunge pool. And it is surrounded by green vegetation, such as bamboo and bushes.

Do not forget to bring spare clothes and swimming suites. It is rejuvenating to spend hours in this waterfall. We recommend visiting this waterfall after doing trekking to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall and Tetes Cave.

The water is clear spring water and it feels fresh to the skin. The locals use the water for drinking water and irrigation.