PICTURES: Salatiga-Ambarawa

Located on slope of Mt Merbabu, both cities are accessible from Semarang. It takes about 1 hour drive from Semarang. There are places of interests can be visited here.

This waterfall is a horsetail plunge waterfall located on slope of Mt Merapi, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is very unique as we can see the mountain and waterfall from this one place. It is definitely one of the most scenic place in Java. You can just take picture as the view point like the picture above or you can trek down to the waterfallwhich takes about 30 minutes walk.

It is recommended to come here on non weekend days. On weekend taking picture like this can have longer queue. Best time to visit is during dry season, June to September, however even on rainy season Mt Merapi can still be seen though sometimes cloudy.
Ketep Pass is a view point to see the view of Mt Merapi and Mt Merbabu. The compound also as theater and museum about Mt Merapi and Mt Merbabu.
Replika of Mt Merapi at Ketep Pass Museum
Ambarawa is about 30 minutes from Salatiga. One of the most popular destination is Railway Museum, There are some old locomotives displayed here. Visitors can also watch movies about Indonesia Railway ina train-like room.
The building of railway museum is from East Indies period. If you love old Dutch building, you will love observing around.
Pinus Kragilan is a pine trees popular among domestic tourist to enjoy selfies and take photograph.