East Penida has also beautiful beaches to enjoy. If you are beach person, maybe stay one night at the island to explore the Eastern and Western Part of the island on different days.

This is the view point of Molenteng, also where the tree house popular among instagrammer to take picture with the treehouse.
The tree House of Molenteng overlooking Diamond Beach where visitors can take picture with the gorges view.
Diamond Beach can be reached by walking about 30 minutes through steps. During day time can be very hot. Please be prepared with sunnies,hat and sunscreen.
Diamond Beach is playful beach. The white sand will welcome you and as well the waves to play with.
Located next to Diamond Beach is Butuh Beach which is a bay beach that its water is very calm and safe to swim and soak our body. Just like the Diamond Beach, it can also be reached by walking about 20 minutes descend.