Woolly fimbri weaving tour

In the past women weaved fimbristyles into mat, they buy the dry fimbristyle locally known as mendong. And this recent years, not many people do this intricate work anymore. Only elder women who still make the this weaving.

This tour will take you to join the female weavers to market to purchase the material and then learn about making the mattress. You will learn to color until weaving the mattress.

This tour will take place in Wonosobo, Central Java Indonesia. Beside also in Yogyakarta. This tour is suitable for you after visiting Dieng Plateau.

After Dieng Sunrise and Dieng Plateau Tour and then drive to market to buy the dry fimbristyle at local traditional market. Take horse-cart from Market to the village.
Afterwards drive to Maduliya Village or other village for weaving program.
You will learn to color and then weave into mat of small size.
And then drop you to Yogyakarta/Borobudur Area/ Wonosobo Area.

-Private Vehicle
-Horse-cart ride
-Tour Guide
-Lunch at local house