East Java is one of the best destinations in Indonesia. It is rich of natural beauty, and it is not an exaggerating that some travelers say that East Java is a piece of paradise, East Java stretches from Pacitan eastward to Banyuwangi.

Not only natural resources the island is has also cultural attractions such as temples, and also traditions. East Java is not only inhabits by Javansese but also other indigenous tribe such as Madurese, Osing and Tenggerese.

Below are activities can be done in East Java:
-River Boating
-Gemstone enthusiast
-Exploring Old Temples since Singhasari to Majapahit Kingdom Period
-Village trip
-Family Tour to Malang Batu for some theme parks and educational activity
-Volcano Hiking
-White Water Rafting
-Waterfall Treking
-Turtle Tour
And there are more, And it can take more than 15 Days too explore all of them.

You can start from Surabaya but East Java is best to be explored start from Yogyakarta, to Pacitan and all the way to Banyuwangi.

Are you interested to explore East Java deeply, feel free to contact us. You can also combine this with Yogyakarta/Central Java Tour , Bali, Borneo or Komodo Flores.