PICTURES: Mount Egon and Blidit Hotspring, Maumere, Flores, NTT, Indonesia

Mount Egon is not the highest peak in Flores, however hiking this mountain is challenging. This mountain can be another place to visit when you are visiting Maumere, maybe after visiting Lake Kelimutu. Mount Egon is a volcano, its last activity was in 2008.

Mount Egon is located about 40 minutes drive from Maumere city and it takes about 2-3 hours hike to reach the peak which is 1700 M asl.

Mount Egon hiking can be a little difficult, though it is not as difficult as Mount Inerie. Mount Egon hiking path is rocky, however as the path is zig zag it is considered easy.
Mount Egon peak is red soil and smoke of sulfur. You can start the hike from Blidit Village.
Mount Egon rocky path
After hiking the volcano, you can visit Blidit Hotspring which can be reached by 40 minutes walk.
Rejuvenate your body for a while at the hot spring which contains very small sulfur.