Pictures: Places of Interest at Maumere, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

Maybe you have visited the legendary Lake Kelimutu the other day and now you have a full day in Maumere. Below are list of places of interests in Maumere where you can see more culture of the region. Shall you need day tour from Maumere for sightseeings or day trip to Lake Kelimutu, fee free to contact Getaway Tours; Indonesia Tour Operator.

This church was built in 1899 by a Portuguese priest, JF. Lecocq D’armanddaville and Sikka king, Yoseph Mbako Ximenes Da Silva. The building is made of teak wood which was probably brought from Java. Though there was some renovation, the church original architecture is preserved. The church is located nearby the ocean.


Pope John Paul II visited Sikka on 11-12 October 1989. He stayed overnight at Seminari Tinggi Santo Petrus Ritapiret Maumere, at one of the chamber and this chamber has been a pilgrimage site for Catholics. There is a relic of Pope John Paul II is also places in the chamber. 

This museum has collections of some fossils and artifact found during excavation in Flores and Lembata by Pater Verhouwen. The museum actually has large collections but the building could not display them all. The museum is located in Seminari Tinggi Santo Paulus Ledalero, Nita village. 




Traditional Market
We can find some interesting this that the locals sell here. From daily needs, vegetable, weaving, horse, chicken, and also local liquor. 




You maybe want to try chocolate bar from Sikka? You can stop by at CHOSIK factory, to purchase chocolate bar or seeing the chocolate making process.




You can enjoy relaxing day at the beach of Maumere. There are some resorts located at Larantuka Street, where you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing while sipping coconut water. 



Stay at one of the resort nearby the beach and in the morning you will be greeted by the golden sunrise. There are various options from budget to up market resort. For budget stay, you can try Pantai Paris Homestay or if you like something better, try Coconut Garden Beach Resort or  Capa Resort.