PICTURES: Tololela Hamlet, Bajawa, Ngada, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

Photo Credit: Ary Suhandi (Indecon).
From the air can be seen Tololela is surounded by lush green forest. The forest are their source of life where they find daily food: coconut, keladi, passion fruit and many more.
Tololela Hamlet has preserved their architecture, tradition for centuries. The houses (locally called as SAO) are made of wood, the roof is made of grass and there are some stones located in the house area, as the symbol of each ancestor who had died.
Welcome ritual for group of guest by slaughtered pig. For small group usually using chicken. The elders then read the intestine if the guest arrival will be good or the opposite.
There are small bamboo species can be found in the hamlet area, and locals have used the bamboo for flute. This one is music troupe of the village.
Tololela Village has high number senior citizen who live healthy and full of life. This might be because of their daily activity which involves walking and farming. Tololela also mostly eat organic food from their land. Their daily food are not just rice, but banana, keladi, beans, corn, leaves of some plants, casava and passion fruit.
Local still make weaving colored with natural dye. They use tarum, turmeric, secang and other plants.
Tololela weaving has the motif of horse, chichen, ngadhu and bhaga.
Women coloring the yarn.