PICTURES: Lake Kelimutu, Moni, Ende, Flores Island

Even though Lake Kelimutu is well known to be visited in the morning when sun rises come, however, it is actually good to be visited in the morning and during afternoon. Off course it depends on the weather, often the mist comes in the day time and afternoon and morning as well. But regarding the sun direction, it is good to take picture in the afternoon than morning. Morning is back-light to take picture.

There are some view point to enjoy Lake Kelimutu. The main view point is where visitors usually expect sunrise, as the morning comes, it is usually will get crowded with people especially on weekend. After sunrises you can walk to another view points which can be reached by walking about few minutes.

Lake Kelimutu consists on 3 lakes, 2 lakes has green colors and the other two has green Tosca colors.

There are macaques inhibit the lakes area, sometimes you can see them enjoying the morning at the edge of the lake.

Below are some pictures of the legendary lake, taken by Getaway Tours, Indonesia Tour Operator team. Feel free to contact us for queries to visit Lake Kelimutu.