Pictures: Gili-Noko Island, Bawean Island, East Java, Indonesia

Below are pictures of Noko-Gili Island located geographically at Bawean Island. It is recommended to take a day trip here and enjoy lunch with seafood menus here. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and enjoy sunset at Noko Island. In the afternoon some birds can be found at the sand island of Noko Island.

Below are some pickture of Gili-Noko Island of Bawean Island taken by Getaway Tours: Indonesia Tour operator team.

Sunset from Noko Island.

The sand Island of Noko is connected to Gili Island and can be crossed by walking when the ride is low.

Some sea birds can be seen at Noko Island

NOko Island

Gili Island can be reached by boat about 30 minutes.

You can buy super fresh fish for grilled to have lunch at Gili Island.