Pictures: Komodo National Park

Below are some pictures taken at Komodo National Park. Not just seeing Komodo Dragon but also enjoying the nice view of white sandy beach, the panoramic curving beaches at Padar Island and snorkeling. On some season usually you can stop by at Manta Point, it has circle current on the surface. Some season Manta can not be found though.

Komodo Dragon in Komodo Island-Labuan Bajo
Komodo Dragon in Komodo Island -Labuan Bajo
Trekking Route at Komodo Island-Komodo National Park
Komodo Dragon at Komodo Island
Pink Beach-Komodo National Park
Snorkeling at Pink Beach

Padar Island Panorama at Komodo National Park. It takes bout 45 minutes to the highest view point. As it is hot there,be ready with water bottle, hat, sunscreen, and walking shoes. If you like, coconut water is also available to buy there.