Mount Inerie Climbing, Bajawa, Flores, Indonesia

Mount Inerie looks enchanting overlooking Bajawa, Flores Island, Indonesia. The foot is lush forest while the cone is very steep with some volcanic materials can be seen from the city. Whenever you explore Bajawa, Mount Inerie always waves at you.

Located only about 30 minutes from the city to the basecamp to start hiking. There are almost no flat area for camping from the basecamp, that it is recommended climb without camping. Climbers can depart at 02.00 am from hotel.

Normally it takes about 3 hours to hike to the peak. However if hiking slowly, it can take about 4-5 hours to the peak. And descend about 3 hours to 4.5 hours. The path is very steep when reaching the peak. Especially the gravels which usually will take about 1.5 hours to 2 hours hike. The gravels path is very slippery.

The peak has crater which is not active anymore. We can still see layered soil at the top. And we can also see the volcanic material of red soil and gravels and natural red brick stone which seems to be caused by the super heat. The view is definitely stunning. We can see the coast line and ocean, other peaks in the vicinity, Watunariwowo hills, Bajawa city and nearby villages.

Hiking pole will be very helpful. Do not forget to bring gloves which can help you to get a grip of the vegetation or rocks. And it is a must to wear hiking shoes for safety reason. Bring chocolate and water, there is no spring or river along the hike. it is chilly and windy at the peak, i do not think it is comfy only wearing wind breaker, warm jacket that is also wind breaker and water resistance is very helpful for wind, low temperature and showers that might come especially on wet season.

Do not hike alone. Recommended to be guided by local guide. They knows the mountain more than you. Especially Mount Inerie which is not easy to descend, guide knows the best and fastest route to descend that you can avoid slippery gravels on the extreme slope. And, do not forget your country’s flag for taking memorable picture to share or as a personal documentation.