Watunariwowo: Mesmerising Hill in Bajawa, Ngada

This hill is located in Langa village, about 20 minutes drive from Bajawa city. It takes about 30 minutes hike in total. Even though the hike is not difficult, however it is recommended to have local guide to go with. To reach the peak, we must hike through super narrow path with steep hundreds meters high ravine on both sides. Currently the locals have made safety fence out of rope for hikers to hold on.

The view is very stunning. Especially with the panorama of Mount Inerie,the highest peak in Flores Island. We can see Aimere, the harbor town enroute the hike.

For safety reason, due to the slippery path which has gravels, please be prepare with good hiking shoes, which has grid. Do not forget hat and sunscreen. Cary day pack with water bottle, as you will need it during the hike.

En route the path, visitors can visit a former settlement of Langa village tribe. There are rocks as the foundation of house and maybe because of some reasons the ancestors left the house and lived at the current village location. A thin rocks which can make sound like percussion when beaten was found here. In the past this rock can be one of ritual apparatus.

If you go with group, you can even make reservation with the locals and they can also provide water and local cake made of casava and coconut.