Pictures: Rangko Cave, Flores Island, Indonesia

This cave is very unique and worth a visit. Located just about 30 minutes drive from Labuan Bajo to Rangko Village where you can sail by wooden boat. It takes about 30 minutes by boat from the village to the beach where you will need to walk to Rangko Cave. The beach itself is very beautiful, white sand and very clear water. There is a reef where you can climb a little bit to see panorama.

From the beach, it takes only about 10 minutes walk to the cafe. Must be very careful to descend from the cafe mouth to the pool of Rangko cave as it is slippery. Best time to visit is at 14.00, that was when the sun will light the cave from the cave mouth.

The water of the safe is salty, the water must have come from ground, from the sea leak. And we can still see some stalactite and stalagmite, some are still alive.

Beach of Rangko Cave
Pictures taken from the cliff at Rangko Cave area
The salt water pool inside Rangko Cave.
Rangko Cave looks more alive in picture at 13.30-14.30, when sun shines through the cave mouth.