PICTURES; Kenjeran Area, Eastern Coast of Surabaya, Indonesia

As one of metropolitan cities in Indonesia, the city evolves. The eastern part is also developed overtime. Though Kenjeran beach is not swim-able, yet there are still things to discover here and some activities to do. In day time you can explore the beach area, and maybe cross to Sand Island by boat, and then browse for handmade souvenirs made on shells. The view of Surabaya Bridge can be seen curving from above the bridge at Kenjeran Park, which can be a good spot to watch the dancing fountain which can be seen every Saturday Night and Sunday Night. The fountain can also be seen from the Surabaya Bridge which closes for cars on those evening. Fountain starts at 08.00 PM for about 1 hour. From far away can be seen Suramadu Bridge which connects Surabaya city to Madura Island. Not far from the beach area there are shops selling seafood chips/fish chips.

Late afternoon we can see sunsets, but not as good as sunrise from Kenjeran.

Bridge over Suramadu Bridge, also a good spot to overlook Surabaya Bridge and see the fountain on weekend.
Surabaya Bridge seen from bridge connects Kenjeran Park.
The dancing fountain which can be seen on Saturday Night and Sunday Night
Suramadu Bridge seen from Kenjeran Beach area.