Bandung City Excursion

Bandung is an interesting mountain city. As the weather is very mild, the city is unique and a heaven for culinary enthusiasts. Located not far from Jakarta, only about 3 hours car drive, Bandung is one of favorite destinations for Jakartan weekend getaway. Bandung has existed since colonial period that it has many beautiful old buildings and it is growing to be a creative city and popular destination for shopping. Below some places of interest you can be visited.


This Building was built in the 1920 by architect: Ir.J.Gerber, Ir. Eh. De Roo and Ir. G. Hendriks. The building is a mixed of Eropean and Indonesian style. Local call it as Sate building because of the satay-like decoration above the building which shows that it required 6 million guldens to complete the building. 



This museum displays information and some samples of geodes, minerals, fossils and also facts about geological research and exploration in Indonesia. The building itself was built in 1928 and and finishes in 1929> The museum has been renovated. 


The mosque was  initially constructed in 1812 made on wood. However it has been renovated periodically, in 1930 by the design of Henry Maclaine Pont, in 1955 for Asian African Conference and so on. The major renovation was in 2001. The mosque has 99 meters high minarets. 



Located not far from the Great Mosque of Bandung, located Jalan Banceuy. There was a prison located here which was used to imprison Soekarno in 1929. He wrote “Indonesia Menggugat” when he was imprisoned here. In 1980s the prison was dismantled completely. Now the site is a business site with  Soekarno statue can be found here. Banceuy derives from Sundanese which means place to take care of horse. Banceuy name seems to be originated from the history of the building of The Great Post Road in the 19th Century by Daendels. The horses carrying the goods and materials fro the road were exhausted and they rest in Banceuy village and changed with new horses.


Located at Asia Afrika Street, this monument has countries participated in the Asian African Conference in 1955. 



Located at Asia Afrika Street. In 1810, Bandung regent and Daendels walked in a forest  which was going to be The Great Pos Road and Daendels sticked his cane and said that when he came again later, he hoped that a city had been built there. That was where the zero KM Bandung designated. In this site also located roadrollers (Dutch : Stoomwals) monument dedicated to people who were forced to work for The Great Pos Road.  And we can also see the bust statue of Daendels, Bupati Wiranatakusumah, Soekarno, and West Java Governor in 1945 :Mas Soetardjo Kertohadikusumo.


If you visit Bandung, you may want to have a look or have a photostop at this mosque. This mosque has Chinese architecture mixed with Indonesian architecture.


You can explore Bandung on these vibrant color bus for IDR 20,000. The bus will take you to some places of interests. There are some stops, one of them is at Bandung Geological Museum. The tour is guided


This street is famous promenade since the colonial period. And now the street has cafes and restaurants. If you love old buildings, it might be a must for you to enjoy time in here sipping coffee or just walk about the street. The street is located nor far from Asia Afrika street



There are some factories outlets where we can browse for clothing in Bandung. We can find good quality stuff in very reasonable price. People from other cities flocks to the factory outlets for shopping. The most popular ourlet is Rumah Mode located in Jalan Setiabudi. But if you still want to shop more, you can go to RE Martadinata st where some factory outlets located such as :  Heritage Factory Outlets, Passion Factory Outlet, The Secret, The Outfit, and some others.